July 17, 2024

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Is it worth traveling to Hatton Garden just to buy Jewelry?


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If you stay in the UK and consider a shopping tour to London for shopping or more specifically jewelry shopping, it’s likely to bring two words to your mind- Hatton Garden. If you peep into the history of Hatton Garden, you shall find that Hatton Garden is the jewellery hub of London which is located in the borough of Camden. You will also find; that the British institution is not only a jewelry hub but has also been immortalized in film and literature. Hatton Garden is the most popular historical spot for the travellers and UK’s favorite diamond market. With a far-reaching reputation, it’s quite obvious that this diamond hub delivers a variety of quality jewels. So, if asked, whether it’s worth traveling to Hatton Garden just to buy jewelry, the answer would be – Yes, you can travel to Hatton Garden just to buy jewels, and the reasons behind why it’s worth, have been discussed below.

It’s a diamond district

London being the diamond capital of the world, receives a global accolade. Hatton Garden is the centre of diamond business and diamond jewelry in London. Hatton Garden brings the best quality diamonds to you. It also possesses the world’s best, gemmologists, merchants, and craftsmen. Hatton garden houses more than seventy jewelry stores and three hundred jewelry businesses, so you get enormous options to head to. It can be said that Hatton Garden is a diamond hub. You can also avoid the crowd and browse from your couch from the websites of Hatton Garden.

Customer service

The customer service of Hatton Garden gives you a good experience. Many of the salespeople of Hatton Garden are young, enthusiastic, and remain energetic to assist their customers. The salesperson shall give you proper information about the diamonds if and when asked. They cooperate with the customers and handle every inconvenience calmly. If you get confused while choosing your three stone engagement ring, the staff of Hatton garden shall identify your problem and help you with the required information you need while making the choice. Not only this, but they also assist you in your entire period of buying jewelry.

Independent and affordable

Being independent and affordable, Hatton Garden prides itself as independently owned. Many of the stores of Hatton Garden have been owned by families for decades. If you go through Hatton Garden, you won’t find high street names there. They offer competitive prices to everyone as the stores here shun advertising budgets, brand premiums, and west-end rents. This means your money doesn’t stretch further. In Hatton Garden, you can expect to pay half the prices from branded jewelers.

Affordable prices

Hatton garden might not be a brand name, but the jewelers of Hatton Garden offer you affordable prices for your jewelry, and the quality of the jewelry isn’t compromised here. Since it saves the prices of promotion and advertising, it can bring you jewelry at reasonable prices. Jewelry made of lab-grown gemstones is available here in bulk hence your diamond prices are decreased up to 40%. If you want something within budget, do visit Hatton Garden.


While in Hatton Garden stores, you will get an overall satisfactory experience. The price and quality of the products, their service, and a plethora of designs and patterns of gemstone Aquamarine Ring jewelry will give you a good experience and make you visit their stores often if you are from London.
These are some of the reasons why it’s worth traveling to Hatton Garden to buy jewelry. The stores of Hatton Garden give you every reason to shop jewelry from their stores, especially if you are buying a diamond solitaire engagement ring or other jewelry.