September 21, 2023

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Advantages of Wearing For Real Moonstone

Gemstone jewely

Something beautiful like the moon automatically gets confirmation of beauty. So to rejuvenate your look this June, wear pretty Moonstone Jewelry. As the name defines, it has the energies of the moon in it. Therefore, the meaning of Moonstone relates to the divine female power. Henceforth it is known as the ‘Sacred Stone.

It is also famous as Selenite Stone which connects with the Gree Goddess ‘Selene. Glossy blue and white reflection of light makes Sacred stone a beautiful gemstone. Moonstone signifies calming emotions, peace, and good luck.

The moonstone ornaments will help you to get a trendy and classic look. Find your true love by using sacred stones as it helps unite lovers till eternity. You can find tempting moon magic stones in many colors, for example, pink, green, peach, white, brown, and grey.

Invest tactfully while buying sacred stone jewelry for special occasions like weddings. Expansion of the Moonstone ornament market has also increased the sale of fake selenite stones. An extreme gleaming look is also a fake gemstone. Natural Moonstone has imperfections in the form of cracks known as centerpieces. Ideally, the sacred stone gets cut in cabochon, beads, and faceted.

The most pleasing cut for Moonstone is cabochon, which highlights the optical glow phenomena. Another popular cut preferred by jewelers is the rose cut. It displays the texture and color of the Selenite stone appropriately with depth and angles.

Carat Sizes of Original Moonstone

Moonstones are available in both large and small sizes. However, maximum jewelers prefer the Selenite stone of 1 to 5 carats as it is apt for designing jewelry.

Big and flawless Moonstones of 15 – 20 carat value are of high value. In very few cases, the sacred stone is large.

Advantages of Wearing Real Selenite Gemstone

Genuine Moonstone will always show glossy blue and white light in the center of the gemstone. Wearing authentic sacred stone jewelry will balance your feminine and masculine energies. Therefore, always maintain emotional behavior in a balanced state.

Astrologically Moonstone is a June birthstone that gets ruled by Moon. So, people having cancer and Scorpio zodiac signs must wear a Moonstone ring.

The sacred stone promotes passion and understanding between the lovers. Females should wear Moonstone to overcome problems related to hormonal imbalance, irregular menstrual cycle, and fertility issues.

Couples purchase bands of sacred stones as it initiates love and passion between them. People traveling should use Moonstone in some way. Selenite stone also connects with inner body healing Chakras. It links with Sacral Chakra in the body to increase the intuitive power.

Don’t forget to use Moonstone if you are planning to start new ventures. The Center look of the selenite engagement ring looks alluring. In a sterling silver setting, the Sacred stone ornaments appear promising.

Moonstone pairs with other gemstones very well.

Ways For Purifying And Protecting Selenite Stone Jewelry

Stop using ultrasonic or steam cleaners for cleaning the Selenite gemstone ornaments. Rather than it, start using cruelty-free detergent or a mild soap with warm water.

Put some drops of water in utensil washing liquid and drench the jewelry in water for 2 to 3 minutes. When you keep them out, they should be neat and clean. If it’s not clean, wipe it with a wet cloth or use a smooth brush

Ensure you rinse the sacred stone ornament properly and dry it carefully before keeping it away. Always keep Moonstone ornament in a separate jewelry box or a soft fabric pouch.

The Sacred stone is sensitive to heat. Therefore please do not keep Moonstone in the area of excess heat. Proper precautions and cleaning will expand your precious gemstone’s life span and glow.