March 31, 2023

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When Do You Have to Get Evaporative Cooling Service Done?

When Do You Have to Get Evaporative Cooling Service Done?

Today, evaporative coolers are considered the best energy-saving alternative to air conditioners. If you are wondering why? Continue reading! The main difference between a cooler and an air conditioning unit is that the cooler uses the hot air available in the room and water to produce cool air. In contrast, air conditioning units solely depend on gas refrigerants for cooling your space. The evaporative coolers work on the principle of evaporation and hence, consume less energy than your regular air conditioners. However, a constant water supply is needed in evaporative coolers to keep their pads moist and cool the air. And these coolers are referred to by many names like swamp air cooler, desert cooler, or water air cooler.

Many people mistakenly believe that evaporative coolers can save money on servicing as, unlike ACs, they do not require servicing and maintenance. However, they are wrong! Every home appliance needs to be serviced regularly for high efficiency and to expand its lifespan, and swamp coolers are no exception! But don’t worry, the evaporative cooling service will not make a hole in your pocket; it is very affordable.

How Often Do Evaporative Coolers Need Servicing?

Like every other machinery, evaporative coolers also need regular servicing and maintenance. However, the service time mainly depends upon the brand value and material used by the company in the evaporative system. As such, it is advisable to follow the manual provided with the cooler to ensure the proper working of the system.

In general, to ensure that your evaporative coolers work efficiently for a long duration, you need to do a regular evaporative air conditioning service. It is crucial to get the service from time to time to ensure all parts are in good condition, and the professional serviceman ensures the system is functioning correctly. Maintenance service is required after the first year, and to keep up with your evaporative coolers, you must get them serviced at least once a year.

What Are the Signs Indicating Your Evaporative Cooler Needs Servicing?

If you are unsure whether your evaporative cooler needs servicing or not, below are a few important points that will help you make a wise decision. Check for the following signs in your cooling unit to determine whether you should consult the professional or wait for some time to get it fixed on its own.

●     The Cooler Is Unable to Start

If you cannot start your evaporative cooler, there is some problem, and you must immediately call the mechanic. Most of the time brown fuse gets damaged, and sometimes the poor supply of electricity and tripped breakers are at fault. As such, any electrician can repair the minor defect; however, if the motor is damaged, you may need to call the professionals.

●     There Is an Improper Airflow

If you notice any decrease in the airflow compared to earlier, it can be due to some duct blockage. As such, call the serviceman to check if there is any blockage issue and get it repaired without delay. And if there is an issue with the exhaust, make sure you call an experienced professional to get the repair done.

●     Water Is Leaking From the Unit

Water leaking is the most common problem with evaporative coolers, which may happen for many reasons. The main reason is improper storage of the cooler during the idle period, that is, in winter. So, one must wipe out the whole water and properly cover the cooler before storing it in a good place. And if the cooler is not properly placed, it may have some leakage. As such, get a professional to fix the leakage; otherwise, it will damage the cooler’s body.

●     A Foul Odour is Emanating From the Cooler

A foul odour emanating from your cooler can be due to the improper storage of the cooler or due to overuse of the cooler. If the smell is not repaired within some days, this may reduce the cooling efficiency of the cooler and will also degrade the quality of the air you breathe in. So if this is the case, without any second thought, opt for an evaporative cooling service and get the cooler serviced.

If you notice any of the mentioned signs in your cooling system, you first need to find a reliable and trustworthy evaporative cooler service provider.