August 18, 2022

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Wearing Your Fedora Hat Correctly – The Essential Hat-Wearing Guidelines to Follow

Fedora Hat

Fedora Hat

Whether you like it or not, the fedora hat has made a classic comeback! During the earlier times, when hat-wearing and formal dress codes were the regimes, you wouldn’t find any man who would leave their house without their fedora hat. Since that time, this fabulous headpiece has been one of the famous hat types for both women and men. The fedora hat is more formal in comparison to the flat cap or baseball cap. Hence, it is simple to dress up or down when you have the fedora with you.

Even then, the men’s fedora hats have witnessed much backlash from the fashion experts! They think that this hat is in trend today because of the posers who post their images on social media. But one can say that this bias is certainly wholly misguided. Before you go on to style this hat, it might help if you read a bit about it. It will help you to decide better.

Understanding the fedora hat

A fedora hat is characterized by its pliable brim, mainly three inches in width. It comes with an indented crown towards the center and has a pinch on both sides. Even though it gets constructed using fur felt and beaver felt, most of the fedora used today are made using wool felt. That aside, the other materials available for the fedora hats include leather, straw, synthetic blends, and cotton twill. Since you can find it available in several variations, the fedora shape gets marked by other essential features instead of a single fabric or style.

Selecting the correct brim size of the fedora hat

When it’s the fedora hat, you need to take note of the brim size. Hence, learning about the guidelines and the correct style is essential. It would help if you didn’t get afraid to play with the proportions to learn what’s proper for you.

  • The wide brim

A wide-brim fedora is one classic look, and it’s a great choice if you want to secure your head from the sun’s scorching rays. If you have a thin face or an egg-shaped face, you can use the wide-brim fedora, which can balance the elongated features. On the other hand, if you have a round and full-shaped face, you can opt-in for a big brim, which might not be correct for adding an extra length. Today, you can resort to a hat-maker who will enable you to choose the right hat size for you.

  • The short brim

The short-brim fedoras come with brims that measure even less than two inches. Also, they get mistaken for the trilbies on several occasions, which have narrow brims. Do you have a big head size? If yes, then it’s ideal that you don’t wear the fedora with a small brim because it will make the head appear bigger. You can put on your jeans and cashmere sweater and a felt fedora to look your best.

The ways to wear your fedora hat

  • It would help if you got the correct fit. Selecting a fedora that can fit well on the head indicates that it’s neither very tight and nor too loose. And a great way to test this is to place your finger between the hat and the head. If you find ample space for the finger, chances are you will have the correct size.
  • It’s crucial to know that fedoras aren’t only felt hats. They are available in a comprehensive blend of materials. Hence, you can consider the places where you intend to wear it. For instance, the Panama straw fedoras are the best headwear in summer. You can choose the classy black fedora that you can wear all year round. It is your ultimate tool if you are headed to a beachside wedding.
  • When you are starting to wear the fedora, you need to start simple. It’s always best to choose a hat shape that is navy, grey, taupe, beige, or ivory. You can opt-in for pinstripes, bright patterns, or great embellishments if you want. Keep the challenging style options for later.
  • You should know the various fabric choices and then pick them up based on the difference each has.
  • You shouldn’t opt-in for cheap options. A fedora being less price is reasonable. But don’t opt-in for a cheap hat that looks pale and is not long-lasting. You must do your research about the fedora hat and its price. Ensure that you select it from an expert hat maker who can provide you with the best hat fabric and cost

Last but not least, you should keep your fedora hat clean. If your hat gets dirty, it’s never a good idea to flaunt it in public. Also, make sure to have fun as you sport your hat. Be confident and look your best.