March 26, 2023

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Top 3 Benefits of Investing in Drone Technology for Agribusiness


An agricultural business’s topmost priority is to ensure its crop farming systems are productive and efficient, and that profit margins are high. In this regard, it is important to pay attention to resource management and the supply should meet the demand for agricultural yield. To achieve this goal, drone technology allows farmers to assess the situation of livestock and the crop that’s being harvested.

Before we discuss the benefits of using agricultural drones, let’s look into what’s possible using agricultural drones:

  1. Taking pictures of the land
  2. Conducting surveys to check topography and boundaries
  3. Soil analysis
  4. Counting of livestock and their movement
  5. Irrigation system monitoring
  6. Spraying requirements
  7. Collection of soil and water samples

Let’s now discuss the main benefits of drone technology for agribusiness.

1- A Huge Time Saver

Looking after the lands and crops requires paying attention to hiring a workforce, and investing a lot of time. It is like hands-on work and requires a lot of time that should be given to caretaking of crops. Farmers spend countless hours making sure the crop is in perfect condition.

But, with the usage of drone technology in agriculture, it is seen that drone technology provides agribusinesses better results. By simply clicking images of the whole farm, farmers and caretakers can know what is going on and what measures should be in place so the yield is perfect.

2- Help Troubleshoot Issues that can Potentially Arise

Another big advantage of drones is they help troubleshoot problems. Traditionally, monitoring the field meant checking and searching for problems that would not come into sight until it was too late to fulfill the problem with an apt solution.

But now, agribusiness owners can provide workers with ag drones that enable them to keep an eye on all sorts of potential problems that can take place on the farm. However, doing so can still be a little time taking. Therefore, hiring agricultural data drone services can be the best option, as it helps save the time of farmers. Also, the services provide experts in agriculture who do the caretaking on the farmer’s behalf.

3- Much Better Data and Cost Saving

Agricultural drones are known for high-quality video and imagery – allowing farmers to not miss out on the slightest chance of problem occurrence on the field. There was a time when agribusinesses heavily relied on the satellite imagery provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for aerial snapshots of the land. The imagery taken by satellite was also high-quality, but it allowed a limited amount of zooming in. Also, it took a lot of time for the farmers to access the imagery.

During this time, if the water treatment system broke down or any other issue occurred, it was hard for farmers to solve the problem adequately. However, with drone imaging, the images can be zoomed in on a better level, allowing the farm caretakers to maintain accurate data on the health of the farm. This way, an apparent result is that more costs can be saved.

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