July 17, 2024

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Tips to run a successful E-commerce Marketing campaign

E-commerce Marketing campaign

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce is one of the most impressive products of the digital age. In the early days when the internet was still new, ecommerce and online retails were nothing more than vague ideas. Due to the work of smart companies which turned this idea into a reality, ecommerce is much more than a dream. It is the crux of some of the largest businesses in the world.

The rise of online retail has also been met with an increase in focus on ecommerce marketing. Besides the major ecommerce companies, many others are looking to ecommerce as an additional stream of income. In this article, we will go through some methods used by digital marketers to grow conversions and sales through ecommerce marketing.

Leverage the scale and reach of social media

Social media, with its incredible reach and ability to host customers of probably every niche, is a vital channel of growth for ecommerce marketing. The ubiquity of social media has made it possible for small retailers to establish a strong business online. 

Success on social media though is a challenge in itself. Many big MNCs spend truck loads of money to boost their social media profile, and yet a lot of times their campaigns fall apart. There is no magic bullet to make something famous on social media. There are some practices which can bring followers and boost engagement. 

In the case of ecommerce marketing, the trick lies in showcasing a product in a creative way. For instance, if someone is promoting a phone which is durable and strong, just saying so won’t work on social media. Instead, if the phone company makes a short video of the phone being thrown off a building and still surviving, that is something which will be shared rapidly. 

Creativity in the presentation of a product’s best quality is the key to unlocking ecommerce marketing on social media. 

There is also the question of recognizing the right social media channel to promote a product. Digital marketers should be well aware of the different types of audience on each social media channel. Often using the wrong social media channel can result in an ecommerce marketing campaign falling apart.

Make content front and centre

Before the days of social media, fashion trends in Indian society often began through movies. Actors and actresses in movies would wear something, and then that would be what every when wanted to wear. Inadvertently, films were practicing a form of content marketing. 

People subliminally connect with content in a way no one can completely understand. One thing which is clear beyond a reasonable doubt is the people value content and can be persuaded to do something through content.

Ecommerce marketing needs to ingratiate principles of good content creation to infuse their strategy with creativity.  Video content is a great tool to inform prospects about a product and propel an ecommerce marketing campaign. Other content sources like blogs, especially those written by influencers, can be a great tool. Optimizing on-site product pages with keywords is great for SEO and a good content marketing exercise as well.  

SEM- Understand and unleash the power of search engines

Search engines are often the biggest sources of traffic for many popular blogs, websites, and ecommerce platforms. The degree of trust consumers have for popular search engines like Google is unparalleled. 

For small firms struggling to reach out to customers, SEM helps cut through all problems and makes a company reach customers directly. 

The key to using SEM for success in an ecommerce marketing campaign is recognizing the right keywords to target. A lot of time and effort has to be devoted to keyword research in order to reach the right audience and generate leads. 

About the Author

Gaurav Digital is an SEO strategist with seven years of consulting experience. He has worked with major brands such as Delhi Courses Academy, known as best & affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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