November 26, 2022

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Preparing to open your commercial kitchen, 10 types of commercial kitchen equipment you must own


When opening a commercial kitchen or planning to refurbish the existing one, choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment via commercial kitchen suppliers is essential. Considering that commercial cooking equipment is a thriving industry in Australia, we have compiled a list of restaurant equipment for you to ensure that your new commercial kitchen is covered with all the necessary cooking equipment. However, you must remember that different types of kitchens require different commercial kitchen equipment. Therefore, we have broken down this article into a few necessary commercial kitchen equipments so that you can buy them from restaurant equipment suppliers to run your food business.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Choosing the right commercial restaurant equipment is the cornerstone of every retail kitchen business. To select the most suitable supplies, you must determine what type of commercial kitchen equipment you need most. Here is a list of some essential commercial cooking equipment for your new restaurant business:


Cooking Equipment.

Out of all cooking equipment, an oven is the most essential and versatile commercial kitchen equipment used for almost all cooking styles, such as baking, grilling, braising, roasting, etc. Furthermore, other important cooking equipments are also necessary to buy for a commercial kitchen, such as range, grills, deep fryers, griddles, broilers, commercial coffee equipment, microwaves, toaster, etc. Hence, you should choose your cooking gear carefully, depending on the type of your food business.


Food Preparation Equipment

When it comes to buying food preparation equipment for your commercial kitchen, you should buy those necessary tools for the kind of recipes you are going to make. For example, your commercial kitchen equipment’s most essential food prep gear is a food processor. Owning a food processor, you can save time by cutting, slicing, mixing, and chopping fruits and vegetables instantly while using it for many other purposes. Other food preparation restaurant equipment includes mixers, blenders, spice grinders, etc.


Refrigeration Equipment

You can choose from various options when buying refrigeration equipment from commercial kitchen equipment suppliers. However, the standard refrigeration equipment for a commercial kitchen includes a refrigerator that can be either a pass-through fridge, walk-in cooler, preparation fridge or reach-in refrigerator. You can also add freezers to store meat and other food items, ice machines for chillers and smoothies, and a beverage dispenser for selling various beverages to your commercial kitchen equipment list.


Smallwares And Servingware

Smallware is those kitchen tools your restaurant team would use to prepare food in your commercial kitchen. Some essential small wares to add to your commercial kitchen equipment list include knives, cutting boards, pans, pots, whisks, tongs, cooking spoons, turners, etc.

Now that your commercial restaurant equipment is ready, it is now time to buy serving ware for your restaurant to serve food to your guests. These serving items include glassware, dishware, dinnerware, flatware, linens and display ware.


Having The Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment Empowers A Thriving Food Service Business.

All in all, if you want your commercial catering business to reach new heights, you should invest in top-quality commercial kitchen equipment. Because without the right kitchen gear, even your finest chef would struggle in delivering the best results you have thought about. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best catering equipment in Australia, get in touch with our commercial catering suppliers to enjoy great deals and discounts on your favourite products.