May 29, 2024

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Looking to Quran classes Online? Look no further

Quran classes Online

Looking to learn the Quran online? Our Quran Academy offers Quran classes Online for both kids and adults! We have several online instructors that are ready to teach you their vast knowledge of the Quran, and you can choose the one that suits your learning style best! You can connect with one of our online tutors via web chat, phone or email, and they will create an individual plan with you based on your time availability, goals and current level of understanding of the Quran. Check out our website for more information about how to start learning the Quran today!

Benefits of taking courses with us

-Learn about Islam in a whole new way: As you’re learning how to recite Quranic verses, you’ll also be learning about its history, core beliefs, culture, and more. Learning about Islam will help you understand your religion on a deeper level.
-Take your time: One of the great things about our course is that we can adjust it to fit your schedule. Whether you want to take one hour per day or two hours every other day, it’s up to you!
-Get a teacher anytime: Unlike traditional courses where students are told when they should attend each class, our Online Quran courses allow students to log in at their convenience.

We have free interactive courses

The first thing we want you to know is that when you take our courses, we provide all of the materials, so there’s no need to purchase any additional books or resources. We also have free interactive courses with a simplified overview of each lesson, so it’s easy for you to follow along. You can take up to 3 months before completing an entire course if you are working at your own pace.

What’s included in each course?

The courses are designed for beginners, but all our teachers are qualified so you can be sure you’re getting a well-rounded education. With our courses, you can expect:
-Access to live lectures from experienced instructors
-Multiple levels of courses to suit your level of expertise
-Hands-on practice through assignments that allow you to take on different exercises (like memorizing Quranic verses!) while working toward an end goal.

Quality Assurance and Security

We take great care in making sure that our site is safe, secure, and free of malware. We use McAfee SiteAdvisor as well as Google’s Safebrowsing API to ensure that our site is clean. These are two security monitoring companies which provide a proactive website safety check against potential threats such as viruses, spyware, phishing scams, etc. All data you input into the site is encrypted with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. This ensures that no one can read your information in transit over the internet.