May 29, 2024

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Conroe Independent School District

Conroe ISD’s administration building is seen, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020, in Conroe.

As the district grows, schools are struggling to keep up with demand. Administrators have taken measures such as adding portable buildings and recruiting more teachers in order to manage this surge of growth.

CISD takes pride in its diversity-related programs. Examples of such include Bilingual/ESL and GT/Advanced Academic programs which help students excel.

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About CISD

Conroe Independent School District, as the largest school district in Montgomery County, serves the majority of city of Conroe as well as several unincorporated communities: Cut and Shoot, Oak Ridge North, Shenandoah, Grangerland Porter Heights Tamina River Plantation. As Texas’ ninth largest and sixty-second largest public school system.

Teachers and students in CISD are provided with all of the resources they require for success, with over $10 million set aside specifically for technology expenditures – giving access to high-speed Internet, curriculum-related software, computers/laptops/printers etc.

CISD also provides Bilingual/ESL programs that assist English Language Learners to become fluent in both languages, while its GT/Advanced Academic program places those students who display leadership, critical thinking and intellectual capabilities into classes that challenge them. Finally, no discrimination of any sort occurs within any educational program or activity it operates or for employment matters relating to its employees – no matter their race, color, national origin, sex, religion age or disability is tolerated by CISD.


CISD takes great pride in its educational and extracurricular achievements, from reading initiative to Conroe High’s Fierce Diamonds step performances – something it is often recognized for.

This district operates 65 public schools serving 67,761 students and boasts an overall testing ranking of 10/10 – placing it among Texas’s top 10% public school districts.

CISD is committed to supporting its staff by offering professional development opportunities, which provide teachers with all of the resources they need for teaching and learning. No discrimination of any type occurs within any program or activity it operates or employment matters; any researcher wishing to conduct studies must submit their request with the Research Review Committee before beginning. They will review your request within 10 working days and make their decision known.


The District provides students with a range of sports to participate in, such as swimming and diving, soccer, baseball, softball, track & field, tennis football & basketball. Students can use Rank One to complete all online athletic forms as well as UIL Pre-Participation Physical & Medical History forms.

Conroe ISD SSO is proud to offer the Senior Priority Pass program, giving qualifying Conroe residents age 60 and over free admission to all athletic events held at district facilities excluding playoffs. Residents may obtain this pass by showing valid photo identification at any CISD Communications Department during regular business hours, or showing it online here. CISD was formed on July 12, 1892 when Montgomery County Commissioners Court consolidated twelve Common School Districts surrounding Conroe into one large District covering 25 square miles – its oldest campus being Travis Intermediate which was opened as Crockett High School back in 1926.

Extracurricular Activities

Students have access to various extracurricular activities and academic competitions, while CISD also offers an innovative Career and Technical Education curriculum – over 22,000 students took CTE courses last year alone!

The district firmly prioritizes staff development. Through grants, new and veteran teachers alike are provided opportunities to hone skills that will allow them to better teach their students effectively.

CISD schools are well known for outperforming state average scores on standardized tests and students often score above average on their SAT and ACT exams.

Conroe ISD (CISD) is one of the fastest-growing school districts in Texas. CISD now runs 58 campuses – 30 elementary schools, 9 intermediate schools, 7 junior high schools, 6 high school campuses and two academies – that serve most of Conroe as well as portions of Spring, Imperial Oaks Woodloch Shenandoah River Plantation as well as Oak Ridge North and Caney Creek high school attendance zones that serve most of Conroe and part of Shenandoah. Oak Ridge North and Caney Creek high school attendance zones provide most coverage over Conroe with some Shenandoah coverage provided by Oak Ridge North and Caney Creek high schools respectively.