March 26, 2023

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Innovative Digital Identity Solutions will Redefine Security and Identity Recognition by 2030, Finds Frost & Sullivan

How many times do you go online on your device and log into your internet? It can be to send mail, to order a pizza, to book movie tickets or just to send money to your friend.  When we do all this on the internet our digital identity is formed. An average person is not aware of this but we all should. Digital identity solutions are a must to learn in the world where cyber threats are getting so normal.

What is digital identity?

There are millions of people online and those who use the internet have a unique digital ID. There are some identifiers and characteristics present in it which uniquely belong to you. As an identity, we have a first name, middle name, and last name along with the date of birth and what we do. A name cannot alone be unique so there is a birth date used as an identifier. Then there are other identifiers like email which are also unique. Then some identifiers are dynamic. These identifiers are often changed for instance your job title. These identifiers are used in the real world that separates you from others. When you log in to the internet world there are millions of others with the same name and date of birth.  Online digital identity is created to identify you, particularly in the virtual world.

How does it work?

There are unique attributes contained in the digital identity that uniquely defines a person. This digital identity contains information about the person.  Each one acts like a sign that will lead to that person. For instance, an email ID is an attribute that defines a person. The majority of online services use this digital identity to offer you the services. This information is also required when someone makes an interaction. Your digital identity is what scammers and online frauds are after.

Why is it important?

This identity is important for the users and it also has its benefits for them. When you use online services you do not have to use any physical files. It can be stored digitally and secured with a strong password. This helps businesses to create better services and products. They can also reach a wider audience. There is unlimited potential for digital identity. Some of the benefits are

There are millions of people who are having bank accounts. If you will go for formal financial channels you might not be able to have access to funds. With digital identity, one can use formal banking channels. This opens a new door for financial empowerment. There are many economic empowerment schemes in the healthcare and education areas and if one is not having any identification they fail to access these services. A digital ID is a must to have access to government welfare insurance and schemes. Today there are digital identity solutions that one can use to secure their digital identity online and avail all the benefits.

Learning Solutions

The line of digital identity is crossed many times which means compromising your digital identity. There are many ways by which your space can be evaded. We do not know how much we share this sensitive information. Online companies use this information for their benefit. We do not know how reliable they are, so what can we do?

Avoid phishing emails

 We all know about Phishing emails. These are threats and you must avoid them. This is a direct sign from a scammer that he is ready to evade your device.  Links are malicious and with just one click you become a victim.  You must learn to identify these emails.

  • If you find anything malicious do not click on it
  • Use advanced spam filters
  • Avid emails that are giving gifts, and rewards  and asking for your personal information

Use strong password

Many ignore the importance of strong passwords. People have no idea how easily your password can be cracked. You can protect your digital identity by keeping a strong password.

  • Never share your password
  • Use a combination of everything
  • Be creative and be unique

Always keep your security measures up to date

There is so much guidance, tips, strategies software, and much more available that protects our online presence.  Spend some time learning about these solutions and give scammers tough competition.

  • Always use secure connections
  • Learn  as much as you can about online threats and how to  protect it
  • Beware of your country’s laws  and  make others aware

Digital identities are going to become our future. Everyone will be mapped with this ID.  The online world is a threat but will not vanish. We can protect our identities using digital identity solutions and avail all the benefits of the online world. Acid Tech is a place where you can learn more about digital identity and avail solutions to protect them.