November 26, 2022

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How Nevada Drug Rehab Center Helps Tackle Challenges of Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine, popularly called meth, is one of the most powerful drugs. Just a few doses can make you addicted to it. For some people, a single dose is enough! Meth damages teeth, heart, liver, brain, and messes with your appetite. Over time, it affects your whole health. 


The severity of addiction determines how hard it is to quit this drug. Nevada drug rehab center treats all kinds of addicts, with mild to severe addiction. 


How does meth affect your brain?

Meth makes the brain release high levels of dopamine. With time, the brain gets so accustomed to the presence of this drug that it produces dopamine only when the drug is present. As a result, the person feels depressed and anxious without the drug. He or she feels happy only when they take the drug. 


This is how you get trapped in the vicious circle of meth. 

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Prolonged use of meth destroys the brain’s dopamine receptors. Now, you become incapable of feeling pleasure. You need more meth to induce the brain receptors to release dopamine. 


Meth becomes your only source in the world to get pleasure. Nothing else in the world can make you happy now. 


So you see, how difficult it is for an addict to quit meth! When you decide to quit you must be prepared to experience some very uncomfortable meth withdrawal symptoms. 


The most challenging part

Going through the withdrawal symptoms is perhaps the most challenging part for any addict. Half of your battle is won when you pass through this stage, which is the first stage of recovery. 


However, don’t think you are almost there after passing the first stage. It still is a long journey. Once your symptoms subside, you might feel you have won. 




After some time, you will again experience issues, such as strong cravings, low energy, depression, and others. Chances of relapse are high at this stage. 


Benefits of the rehab center

It is easy to cope with this stage when you are in a rehabilitation center. You are under supervision, in a constant sober environment, and with a strong support group. You must not stay alone at this stage. Keep yourselves busy. 


Search for “rehab near me,” if you are serious about quitting meth. This is not merely about quitting meth; it is about adjusting to your life without meth. This one is more challenging. Rehabilitation centers make the entire process of de-addiction easier, safer, and more comfortable so that your chances of relapse become almost nil. 


So, wait no more. 


The more you wait, the more you damage your body. You cannot go off meth on your own. Please do not try because this can be dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms require medical intervention. 


Call the addiction hotline today and seek professional help. 


Addiction inflicts pain not only on the addict but also on his/her family. You are destroying many lives through your addiction, not just yours. 


It’s not a shame to enroll in a rehab program. But, yes, it’s a shame to continue using meth or any drug.