November 26, 2022

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Five movies to watch for Cosplay inspiration.

cosplay movies

Movies are truly the biggest sources of inspiration for people today, especially in Cosplay. From Halloween costumes to cosplay conventions, one can see the mark that movies have left on us. As the market for the East Asian entertainment industry has grown, so has the indulgence around cosplay. Initially popularized by anime watchers, cosplaying has been around for a long time. It has started to finally get mainstream acceptance and attention. It is a fun way to spend time with friends or to find communities of people who enjoy the same things as you. There has been a surge of online stores and physical outlets that sell exclusive cosplay outfits and accessories.

Cosplay Shopper is one such website that can help you with all things cosplay. From anime characters to popular Marvel and DC movies, Cosplay Shopper has it all. Avail of different Cosplay Shopper offers to build your cosplay wardrobe without burning a hole in your pocket. Now let’s discuss some legendary movies that you can watch for some juicy cosplay inspiration this spooky season: 

Legendary movies that you can watch for some juicy cosplay inspiration this spooky season: 

  • Mean Girls:

A 00s cult classic, Mean girls is the perfect movie to help one start their cosplay journey. People tend to go safe by dressing up as any of the iconic characters. As they are widely revered in the cosplay community. Cosplay Shoppers can help build the perfect “plastics” outfit with girly pastels and chunky jewelry. If one is feeling a bit offbeat, they can also cosplay as Janis. Her popular eyeliner and oversized clothes made her the ultimate tomboy sidekick of Hollywood. Building her basic yet edgy outfit can be an experience in itself. Explore the world of Mean Girls while on a budget by using Cosplay Shopper promo codes to save extra money.

  • Suicide Squad:

This DC Comics mash-up movie is an actual gold mine for cosplay inspiration. With the interaction between several popular DC characters, this movie is the solution to your cosplay inspiration roadblock. Suicide is a  melting hotpot of pure cosplay inspiration. From Harley Quinn, Joker, and Enchantress to Deadshot and Peacemaker, this movie has it all. One should feel pretty confident in believing that this movie is the ultimate dream movie of any cosplay lover. There have been separate conventions in honor of Suicide Squad where cosplayers come dressed as different characters. With a cult following and heaps of cosplay inspiration, this movie can genuinely take your cosplay game to the next level. Use the Cosplay Shopper deals to jump on the Suicide Squad cosplay wagon while maintaining your budget

  • Clueless:

In history, Cher Horowitz is one of the best characters to ever come out of 90s Hollywood. Ever since Cher donned the famous yellow checkered two-piece blazer set. The world of cosplay hasn’t been the same. Time and again, we have seen so many cosplayers recreate this look, and it’s always a delight. One can truly dress it up or down due to the versatility of the two-piece suit. People can make it look chicer by adding a delicate necklace, mesh gloves, and a classy hat. For rebellious times, add a little rugged touch to the elegant look of Cher.

Also, add some knee-high socks and a nice pair of boots. Due to the sheer simplicity of the yellow blazer and skirt, this character cosplay is fun to play around with. One can express their creativity while building this outfit by exploring your options on Cosplay Shopper. If you have a vision in mind, build your outfit and use Cosplay Shopper discount codes to save money.

  • Spirited Away:

For people who love cosplay, there is no way they aren’t familiar with Studio Ghibli. One of the most iconic things to ever come out of Japan. Ghibli has given the world of cosplay some of its most beloved movies and characters. One such movie is spirited away. It follows a young Chihiro and her adventures while trying to help her parents. This movie introduced a plethora of characters that cosplayers often dress up as. These include Chihiro, Yubaba, Haku, Zeniba, Boh, Kamaji. All these characters have unique appearances and even better personalities. One can have fun putting together a cosplay outfit for any of the spirited away characters. As they have complexity and peculiarities of each character. Head onto the official Abracadabra NYC website and dive into the world of Spirited Away. You can also use the Abracadabra NYC coupon codes to get better deals.

  • Marie Antoinette:

This 2006 banger starring Kirsten Dunst is a cosplay inspiration dump. Sofia Coppola truly went all out with the costumes for this iconic timepiece. Marie Antoinette is a famous drama based on the last queen of France. All history buffs know how opulent, grandiose and camp the fashion in that era was. From elaborate gowns, feathered hats, and humongous wigs, this movie makes up for really good cosplay. For those who love European fashion from the Victorian era, this is the inspiration. Cosplay Shopper is the ultimate destination to shop for looks from this movie. You can stack up on wigs, feathered hats, gloves, jewelry, and other items for the ultimate french royalty look. Shop at the Cosplay Shopper sale and save a pretty penny while dressing up as a pretty princess! 


Turning to movies is the age-old hack to get new cosplay inspiration. Cosplay isn’t just a goofy hobby for children anymore. People are now able to identify the true meaning of Cosplay. It has given them exposure to express their creativity, repressed sexuality, identity, emotions, etc. At the same time, many people are able to meet up with like-minded people who feel at home. Cosplay has provided a safe haven to so many people. This is done by letting them put on a mask and display parts of their personality that they otherwise keep hidden. Let Cosplay Shopper hold your hand and lead you into the beautiful world of cosplay. Cosplay Shopper coupons allow you to be a cosplay baddie on a budget and explore and enjoy this beauty. Cosplay Shopper shopping will help you collect the right outfit for the next event.