October 2, 2022

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Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards


With Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards, users can easily monitor the symptoms of the illness and keep track of their family’s health data. The solution also makes it easy to take the temperature of employees and students. The answer is also free and uses anonymous data. With it, users can see where the symptoms are and receive personalized guidance based on their age.




The GuideSafe Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards are designed to help people stay informed and safe during a COVID-19 outbreak. The UAB vaccination dashboard was developed in partnership with PathCheck Foundation and used anonymous COVID-19 test verification technology, a new feature for GuideSafe. This new application will help people make informed decisions during the pandemic.

The GuideSafe Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards can be downloaded for free on Android and iPhone. These mobile apps, part of the GuideSafe platform, notify users when anyone within six feet of them has COVID-19. Using these tools, people can quickly determine if they are at high or low risk.



PNP CODA apps and dashboards allow PNP officers to enter patient information on the go. The apps can be used on a desktop or a mobile device. The dashboard features a visualization tool that allows users to see numbers associated with each patient. For example, a PNP officer can input a patient’s date of birth to know the number of cases that have been treated. This information is then made available to other healthcare providers and the Government.

Dashboards display data from PNP Coda and are an easy-to-read way for healthcare providers and government officials to monitor disease trends and outbreaks. They also include a visualization tool for straightforward data interpretation. Dashboards can also provide information on COVID-19 research and allow healthcare providers to manage patient records.

PNP Coda is free and available to officers, civilians, and the public. It is easy to use and allows for data input on smartphones and computers. The dashboards also feature patient data and the number of cases treated. PNP officers or civilians can access these dashboards at any time.

Dashboards are also available in the PNPCODA app. It allows users to view COVID-19 vaccination data and monitor their symptoms. In addition, users can share their data with others via an interactive map. The dashboards also have security features that protect data from unauthorized access.

PNPCODA’s dashboards are designed to provide healthcare providers and the Government with detailed information on the state of the disease in the country. They make patient records easier to manage and help the government track disease outbreaks. They can also be used for patient information management and patient education.




COVIDSafe apps and dashboards provide a way for people with COVID to communicate with healthcare providers in an emergency. These tools have been designed with health professionals in mind and use technology to identify contacts. For example, COVIDSafe alerts can be sent to an individual’s cell phone if they are placed in quarantine. The COVIDSafe app is the only contact app approved by the Australian Government and uses an encrypted reference code to identify users.

Although the most basic COVIDSafe apps and dashboards have limited features, they are designed to provide users with alerts in case of exposure to infected persons. Advanced versions can offer risk assessments based on log data, country region, and health status. The use of data analytics and machine learning can provide additional benefits to the user.

When the COVIDSafe app is no longer used, it will be removed from devices. In the meantime, individuals should uninstall the app from their devices and delete the stored data. Individuals will be informed by SMS messages or notifications if their data is no longer stored on COVID apps.

The most crucial feature of COVIDSafe apps and dashboards is that they provide real-time information to users about their exposure to COVID. This means that users can make informed decisions about their safety, which ultimately helps the entire community. The COVIDSafe app is available in over 70 countries worldwide.

Data management in COVIDSafe apps and dashboards is governed by privacy law. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is the independent oversight body for COVIDSafe. It is empowered to conduct assessments to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act. The Office will assure users that their information is securely managed.

A study of COVIDSafe apps and dashboards in Australia found that only 31 percent of users have installed the app on their devices. The study sample included people with higher levels of digital aptitude, and this selection effect is mitigated by using the Heckman model. Despite the low installation rates, COVIDSafe has been downloaded by 31 percent of Australian smartphone users. However, several factors acted as barriers to the installation of the app.


COVID Defense


The COVID Defense mobile application is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Users can use the app to alert law enforcement if someone they know is positive for the COVID-19 virus. The application is voluntary and private; the user’s identity is never revealed. In addition, they can opt out at any time. The COVID Defense mobile application does not require any personal information.

Air Force Institute of Technology students developed the COVID-19 Health Assessment Dashboard. The dashboard provides a centralized location to view information about a pandemic outbreak. The dashboard is customizable for military installations and surrounding local communities. The dashboard also includes links to other pages in the COVID-19 COP.