December 5, 2023

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Come condividere le storie di Instagram di altre persone

Instagram Stories are a great way to post photographs and stories that you want your friends to see but don’t want to keep permanently on your main feed. Stories are only accessible for 24 hours before they expire, but you can bookmark them at any time to keep them longer. You can also post your stories with people who are not your friends on the following platform. You can also upload your followers’ stories from other users, although there shouldn’t be any restrictions.

If your Instagram profile is public, you can share your Experiences with anyone in just a few taps and so you can do the same with Friends Stories on your news feed. Inside the Instagram app, here’s how to do both.

How to use a link to post your story on Instagram?

a) Tap the Instagram symbol on your Android or iPhone home screen to launch the app.
b) If you have recently posted a story on Instagram, tap your profile picture, which should be enclosed by a pink circle in the upper left corner of the screen.
c) Tap the 3 dots in the lower right corner of the screen when the Story you want to share is displayed on the screen.
d) To copy a unique URL to the phone clipboard, select “Copy Link” from the pop-up menu. By placing the copied link directly into the text box and emailing it to the recipient, your Story can now be sent via mail, SMS or any other messaging app.
e) It’s worth noting that you can post stories with other Insta users by emailing them directly. To do this, select “Send to …” from the 3 dots on the Story in question, instead of “Copy link”, then select the recipients.

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What’s the best way to share other people’s Instagram story?

You should be willing to share someone’s stories on your account if they have a public Insta profile and have also enabled sharing.

  • To access the person’s Story, click on their profile picture.
  • Tap the 3 dots in the bottom corner once the Story you want to share appears on the screen.
  • To share the story with others, click “Copy link” or the paper airplane icon.
  • If sharing isn’t allowed, you’ll need to be mentioned in your friend’s Insta story before you can share it.
  • If so, go ahead and click on the notification you received after being placed in their history.
  • Select the “Add this to your story” option in your Instagram posts.
  • Add as many embellishments as you want to the Story you should be sharing, such as gifs, music, and so on, then share the Story with “Your Story” or “Close Friends”.

Using IG Stories to share stories

Use the Share mention option. If someone tags you in a story, Instagram will send you a notification in the live area. In this situation, you can use the Mention Sharing option to broadcast the story of the person in question on your user page for 24 hours.

  • Simply tap Add to Your Narrative to add a person’s story to your account story.
  • After that, you can add any text or effect you like to the narration and post it on your Insta profile.
  • You can share your post with anyone in the account or just your close friends list, just like other Instagram Stories.

Use IG Stories to download Instagram Stories

It is possible that the person has uploaded a Story to Instagram and you want to share that story or save it even after 24 hours. So, in this case, you should use IG Stories Downloader to download other Insta Stories people, which is very easy to access. Just follow the steps below.

1. Go to Google Chrome and search for an IG Stories keyword . 2. Here you will see an
website . 3. Enter your username in the search box and click the Download button. 4. All of the user’s History will appear next to you. 5. Now download the story you want to download. 6. It will be saved on your device.

In the following article we just discussed how to share others’ Instagram Stories with your own Stories. Go through the process and have fun until you practice anything inauthentic.

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