March 30, 2023

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Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

Code Guru helped us work on our social media marketing to communicate with our target audience, and most importantly increasing sales and website traffic. Code Guru handled our social media account and started posting engaging and eye-catching content across various social media platforms, and every country has people who use one platform more than others, so Code Guru made sure to study the market well. 

Also, Code Guru used paid advertising on platforms to attract a new audience and increase the opportunity to sell and spread our brand. Social media marketing is one of the most popular and fastest growing methods of marketing.

Social media account management services aim to get the largest number of visits to the website, increase interest in the product or service, or introduce the brand through social networks. Because we are aware of the power of e-marketing, we have contacted Code Guru to manage our social media accounts since they have a large group of social media experts who are able to perform their duty accurately using marketing tools.

As an active social media account Management Company, Code Guru offered a way to use marketing methods through the most popular online platforms in Dubai since our target audience is in Dubai.

Social media marketing strategy in Dubai is based on contacting new customers. Increase brand awareness and create an active, targeted and engaged community around your business. Code Guru didn’t miss any opportunity to interact with our target audience. They have experience in managing social media accounts in Dubai, so they helped us effectively.

They helped us grow our Instagram real followers from 5K to 13K organically in just 1 month which is a very huge number. 

Social media marketing is not only about creating relevant content, but it depends on careful management to respond to follower interactions, questions and messages as well. The management process also includes publishing content according to a specific schedule.

Do not hesitate to contact Code Guru Digital Marketing department to ensure that you get the best social media account management packages for your business. You will find expertise, order and coordination from the first moments you interact with the specialists of the leading marketing company, Code Guru.

Code Guru, we can’t thank you enough! You saved us a lot of work and money. We highly recommend their social media management services and looking forward to working with them on other digital services such as website creation, SEO, e-marketing, and copywriting.