December 5, 2023

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6 Website Design Trends that will dominate 2022

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6 website design trends that will dominate 2022

Websites have come a long way from being the bland and functional screens with text pasted over a white background to immersive and exciting displays where a visitor can do all kinds of things. Today Custom Web Designing has emerged as a multi-faceted skill that values aesthetics as much as function and performance.

Websites today are made with genuine creative intent. New design trends emerge every day. Each new integration of latest technology opens up a world of opportunities for Web Designers to toy with. Designers who were previously bound by technological restraints now have exhaustive digital tool kits at their disposal with all kinds of creative techniques like animation to go berserk with.

With all of this, and the human condition of being creatively curious and curiously creative, we can expect designers to keep surprising us with never-seen-before website designs in 2022 as well. But 2022 is a long time, and we are not waiting till the end. We asked pundits at Website Crux about the website design trends that we can anticipate in 2022. They are a one-of-kind Custom Web Design agency, so we thought what better people can there be to ask this question. This was there take on it:

Memphis Designs

A classic from the 1980s is all expected to make a comeback. With its signature multi-chromatic ambience fused with a disarray of odd shapes and objects scattered across the screen, Memphis Designs are about to be in-vogue again. They have emerged as an antidote to the minimalist designs that have been preponderant for a good time now. It seems that the intuitive but strict and structured minimalists’ designs have outlived their utility and people are more receptive towards design where colors are rioting on the screen.

Memphis Designs are also gaining prominence because they unshackle designers from confines of structure and design and allow for a liberated creative expression with websites.

Typographic Hero Image Designs

You know you are creative when you can use simple text for an aesthetic advantage. This is exactly what designers are capable today.

Hero images, often called hero headers are the banners that sit at the top of the website and is often the first thing that visitors see. Designers today have realized that the visitors today have pea-sized attention spans and they need to make an impact with the limited window they have.

This has led to Typography-led designs being a go-to design preference for many designers in 2022. The merits of the design trend lie in its forth right approach towards informing the visitors about the product or service of the website from the word go.

Without having to rely on graphics and images for aesthetics, creative fonts and lettering is used to inform and simultaneously offer the visual stimulus and excitement. This allows for a skimmed and refined outlook of the website, an advantage that is functional and at the same time futuristic.

Retro Designs

This design trend is an ode to the OG web designs. Web designers today seem hell bent on bringing yesterday back. Taking inspiration from the Web 1.0, designers have a developed a newfound interest in the color rebellion that was an obvious feature of the website designs in the 90s.

The landscape of Website design and development in the 90s was a feral one. Design rules and limitations were a myth. Designers used to go haywire with whatever they had at their disposal, which sadly wasn’t much. Bright colors and imposing typefaces were used to riddle websites with gimmicks and seizure inducing graphics.

While it may seem gaudy and bodacious at that time, modern web designers seem to have realized that the design trend allowed more freedom. Also, with modern web design techniques and tools to use, innovative tech to add and techy functions to integrate designers have more range of schemes to indulge and explore into making this design trend a likely favorite of the designers today.

Bordered Designs

Well, even when creativity and colors are gaining spotlight, many web designers are happy in focusing on making websites more navigation friendly. With all the brouhaha about website metrics and fuss about making customers spend more time on websites, web designers are increasingly making websites that are well structured.

The use of grid is pretty common these days and rightfully so. A grid allows to demarcate each section clearly which helps visitors navigate and browse over the website more seamlessly and effortlessly. Important elements can be framed and bordered making them a more conspicuous to the visitors.

Borders and frames even allow for a better structuring and arranging opportunity that aids in on-page navigation and allows to showcase many elements without cluttering the outlook of the website


2022 is all about bringing visitors to your website and making them stay. And the tool designers have to make that happen are Interactive animations. Previously animations were used timidly mostly, confined to hero images or transitions. But designers in 2022 are neither timid nor boring and whatever they can get they will.

Interactive Animations hitch the visitors by offering them more options than a mere click or tap of a button. With the option for sweeping, sliding, dragging and other weird on page actions, these interactives feed on the curiosity of visitors by allowing them to explore different ways to interact with the website.


Inspired by the architectural design fad of the 70s brutalism in web design is based on using raw, untreated and unrefined elements on the website. With ingredients like plain backgrounds, unstyled HTMLS, raw photos and snaps, and asymmetrical layouts web designs based on digital brutalism often culminate into websites that are exposed, stark, sharp and candid.

The design trend is popular and sought after but surely will have to be watered down to dumb down on the rawness and bare appearance of the resulting websites. The idea is to transmute Brutalism into Neo Brutalism to cater to a more passive audience and to amalgamate with the more popular minimalist design

trends that doesn’t welcome the extreme and raw and rather sits well with more restrained and sorted out design themes.


Web Design has morphed into a battleground where innovation and creativity are the ultimate weapons that can give the beholder a decided advantage. With so many top-notch websites vying for the top spot, making a website that survives on the battlefield requires keen insights of the games only the veteran commander can manage. Web design agency, like Website Crux is one such agency that can deliver a website that can battle out against the greats.

Website Crux have also mastered the whole craft of creating incredible Digital Solutions. From Mobile Application development to WordPress Development, from Ecommerce Website Development to Domain hosting and branding, they offer detailed expert level services that are unparalleled and unmatched.
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