July 24, 2024

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Why Before March is the Best Time for Buying a New Vehicle in India?

As a general rule, you’re likely to get a cheaper rate later in the year you buy a car. If you’re a businessperson, March is the ideal month or time to get your ideal vehicle. For those unaware, buying a car in March can help you save on taxes since the price of the vehicle may be deductible as a business cost. Get Vehicle Transport at affordable prices.

Why Before March is the Best Time to buy a New Vehicle in India?

Individuals consume tax refunds, which they can use toward a down payment on a car. Most businesses send out their year-end bonuses in January, encouraging people to buy cars. These elements help make February or March the most incredible times to sell your car. You can acquire a large pool of possible customers and bargain on pricing.

End of the Quarter

The end of the quarter is a different time frame you could take advantage of when purchasing a new car. Due to dealerships’ increased efforts to meet sales targets, purchasing a car at the end of March, September, June, or December frequently results in even good deals than purchasing at the end of the month.

End of the Month

As vehicle dealers strive hard to achieve monthly sales quotas, purchasing at the end of the month is almost always a good choice. Salespeople may receive cash incentives based on their monthly quota. It indicates that they are prepared to lose funds on one or two cars at the end of the month to earn their incentive.

Seasonal Discounts

You may save significant money by scheduling your car purchase during events like festivals. On holidays like Independence Day, Diwali, etc., automakers and dealerships would offer enticing discounts. On the downside, the waiting time for new cars might lengthen because of the high demand plus attractive pricing during this time.

The week’s best day to purchase a car

The most important day of the week to buy a car is usually Monday. Usually, shopping for an automobile has benefits at the start of the week. Only wait until the end of the month or quarter. According to studies, Mondays are the best day of the week to look for a car because the prices are the lowest. These results are likely a result of how slow business is in vehicle dealerships earlier in the week. Thus, sales personnel can spend additional time bargaining.

Beginning of the week

Weekends will see a boost in activity at auto showrooms. As a result, it is advised to go to the car lots early in the week to acquire the most incredible offers on the vehicle you want to purchase. Additionally, fewer clients will be on weekdays, so you’ll get better service and specialized deals!

A wrong time to purchase a car

Early in the month or on a Saturday, whenever the dealership is busiest, are the worst days to purchase a car. If they have a whole month ahead, dealers often take time to meet their sales goals.

For understandable reasons, Saturday is a favorite day for vehicle shopping because most people are at work throughout the week whenever the dealership is accessible. 

Whenever the finance department is congested and the sales team is busy, it is challenging to negotiate a reasonable price for a car. The salesperson only has a little time to devote to you, and if you do not even buy the automobile you’re considering, someone else probably will. On a busy Saturday, it can be challenging to find a decent deal on a car because of these considerations.

Considerations Before Purchasing a New Car in India

Before purchasing a new car in India, you should take into account a few things, such as the ones that follow:

Budget: Before everything else, it’s critical that you carefully consider your spending limits when purchasing a new vehicle. Along with your budget, you must also look into the car’s and ex-showroom prices because they vary greatly.

Maintenance Schedule: You must periodically get your automobile serviced to ensure it is kept up-to-date and doesn’t break down while driving.

Brand: A thing to consider when purchasing a new car is its brand. Read user reviews to learn more about the many automobile models sold in India.

Personal Needs: When purchasing an automobile, you must always focus on your requirements.

Some other tips:

  • Before starting your investigation, establish your budget
  • Decide on the kind of car you wish to purchase
  • Recognize your needs and select the alternative (petrol or diesel)
  • Schedule the purchase
  • Choose the perfect auto dealer
  • Take new car for a test drive to learn more before the purchase
  • Find out how much the automobile will cost to maintain


According to data on new vehicle registrations, 16 to 20 percent of new vehicles are registered in March, which drops significantly in September. It makes February and March the busiest months for purchasing cars. It suggests that during certain months, a sale is likely to occur. You can get your Car Shifting at affordable costs with reliable services.