July 24, 2024

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What speed is needed for video conferencing?

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The concept of video conferencing has been around for a decade but hasn’t been a trend among users. It has made its impact since the outbreak of COVID-19 when lockdowns were imposed in order to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. The companies shifted their day-to-day proceedings from face-to-face to online with the help of concepts like working from home and video calls/conferences. The video conference calls allow a group of people to communicate face to face even if they are states apart or even in different countries. The only thing they need to have is a smartphone and a stable cheapest internet and phone connection.

Now the debate shifts toward the availability of a stable internet connection. as we are well aware that internet speeds vary on a number of factors with the type of internet is the major one, the stability of the internet is the most important concept when talking about video conferencing. You would not like to have a distorted call or lagging video frame while presenting your latest ideas about your recent business campaigns especially when you have to impress your client. Therefore, it is important to get knowledge of the bandwidth required to make a video conference call. You must have the right fastest cheapest internet speed in order to make sure you make a clear, undistorted, and free of latency video call.


Measuring speed for the video conference call

The most important thing to understand when talking about internet speed is bandwidth. If you want to access the facility for the video conference call, it is important to understand what bandwidth is required for this task. These things are usually taken into consideration while choosing an internet plan from your internet service provider. They generally ask you to select a package that decides the bandwidth for your internet connection.

So, the concept of bandwidth is associated with the downloading speed of certain data. When you download some specific data, from the web to your local device, the speed with which it downloads is called the bandwidth. Internet speed is usually measured according to the three standard units termed kbps, Mbps, and MBps which stand for kilobytes per second, Megabits per second, and Megabytes per second respectively. Bandwidth is measured in megabits per second. So, in short, it can be deduced that the more megabits you pay to your best cheapest internet provider, the higher the quality of your data over the internet. You can stream videos more efficiently along with a faster load time of websites over the internet if you have a higher Mbps value for your internet connection.

According to the calculations, a 1 Mbps speed internet connection requires around 08 seconds for a website to load. Therefore, if you have an internet bandwidth of over 24 Mbps, it will take almost no time to download your favorite songs or other data from the internet as it is considered a relatively higher internet speed.

Furthermore, if you have to work from home, you will require less than 24 Mbps for your internet to function best. You can stream TV along with various other tasks with a speed of around 15 Mbps.


In order to measure the speed of your internet connection, there are three ways to achieve this particular task which are mentioned as under.

Download Speed

The download speed is the most important deciding factor in order to judge the speed of the internet. The time it takes to download specific data from the web to your local computer decides the quality or speed of the internet. If it takes lesser time to download, it means you have a higher internet speed and vice versa. In terms of video conferencing, it plays an important role as this speed shows the quality of video from the other people on the call.

Upload Speed 

The upload speed is the time it takes for your computer to upload certain data on the web. In terms of video conferencing, it shows the quality of your call to other people. in other words, you can say that the quality of your video stream is dependent on the upload speed of your internet.


Latency is the degree of how best your video and voice are syncing together on the video call. The bad internet connection causes distortion in the form of your voice and video not syncing at all and causing disruption. This is called higher latency which does not allow the user’s voice and mouth movements to match.


The required bandwidth for video conferencing

The quality of a video conference call is not only dependent on the bandwidth of your internet only. Many other factors are also involved which can affect the quality of your video conference call. These factors include the type of webcam you are using along with the number of users currently using the same internet connection as you. Furthermore, camera resolution settings and the frames per second also affect video conferencing. Moreover, the features used by all the participants in a video call are also the deciding factors when it comes to the right internet speed for a video conference call.


So, after all these calculations, we deduced that the required internet speed for a video conference call should be around 3 Mbps. As the normal video call takes up to 2 Mbps of down speed, therefore, for a conference call, this number can be raised to 3 Mbps for it to be considered appropriate for a video conference call. 

According to a study, the usual browsing over the web and sending emails require around 1 Mbps speed along with the general video conference call. But if you want to have a high-quality HD video conference call, you may require a speed of around 6 Mbps which raises to around 5 to 25 Mbps if you are telecommuting. If you have a feeling that your role internet bandwidth is less compared to your required workload, then you should communicate with Tele internet Deals  internet service provider for better internet plans and packages.