July 17, 2024

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What Is Fun? Is There a Magical Answer?

Indeed, it seems that way. We are drawn into a joyful zone where we have no awareness of the world whirling around us or the passing of time by joy, calm, and enthusiasm. Isn’t it wonderful to be here? Our souls and emotions yearn for it. So after the workday or workweek, we sprint out the door, eager to experience this elusive concept we refer to as fun. We swoop and spin to capture the precious energy as we pursue it like a butterfly collector with his big, handy net. Swoosh here. There, turn. Hold the net correctly, and the fun will be captured and contained for us to enjoy.

Who Defines Fun?

Most adults struggle to come up with an answer when pressed, searching their brains for anything amusing. So a magic solution must make life simpler, more amusing, and far less severe.

We want the joy we are intended to experience, whether it be in our thoughts, dreams, or everyday life. It is our inheritance, as our spirits serve as a reminder.

However, when we brainstorm activities we think might be enjoyable, what typically comes to mind is either an expensive or time-consuming project. When we realize we cannot afford it, we groan in defeat. We may never have the resources, either in terms of time or money, to execute it.

And the dope humor gets pushed to the side, as we previously defined it. As one of my clients put it, having fun is, “When was the last time I had fun? I’m puzzled. Before I had kids, I believe!” So is it possible that we have defined fun in a way that undermines it from the outset?

Could It Be That We Put Out the Spark Even Before It Starts to Burn?

As people lament the absence of happiness, tranquility, and enjoyment in their lives, I have assisted numerous clients in redefining this for themselves. They have reduced their daily routines to a monotonous sameness and are impatiently expecting their little break or the weekend.

Only to Confront the Mountain of Tasks, Bills, and Clutter at Home

I wish I had a magic wand to wave away the weight that prevents them from having fun, being joyful, and being happy. A miraculous “fun wand” may help the world rediscover joy with just a wiggle. Enjoy joy, contentment, and satisfaction without worrying about how to afford it—in terms of time, energy, or money—or struggling to do so. Unknown to most people, you have always had that “fun wand” in your bag of tricks. You had to pull it out and put it to use.

What Appears Magically?

A simple change in your perspective on what fun is. The elusiveness of fun vanishes with a sweep of the wand. Your preset idea of what fun MUST be is gone in a cloud of fairy dust. You are freed from the obligation that it must be somewhere other than where you are at the moment. In an instant, your consciousness and beliefs shift, and you realize that fun means having a good time no matter where you are or what you’re doing—no matter how foolish, pointless, or pointless it may seem.

Fun is nothing more than the sheer, unadulterated pleasure of doing anything you enjoy, anything that makes you happy or feels good. My client expressed it this way as she waved her magic wand… “Fun is everything that makes you feel good and emotionally satisfies you. It is just like playing; it serves no function other than to have fun. Likewise, playing has no purpose other than to have fun.”