February 27, 2024

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Vastu consultant in Kolkata discusses the right way of gridding the main entrance pada

Vastu consultant in Kolkata

You might have heard from Vastu consultant in Kolkata that 32 padas for the main door exists in total. As you know that a pada is a sub division of each direction. 

There are 4 cardinal directions (north, east, south west) and in each of it lies 8 padas of its own. So, altogether 32 padas are present in the vastu. 

While amongst these 32 padas, some are considered positive for the occupants, the rest are associated with some sort of negativity. Some of these padas cast defects can be corrected 100% and is refered as minor defects. But rest padas are classified as major vastu defects and it is challenging to correct these 100%. 

Before finalizing the pada for main gate entrance, you should that the right way of determining each pada in each side. 

Since there are 8 padas in each side, one might assume that you simply need to subdivide the side into 8 zones which gives of an equal pada. But this is just an illusion.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata explains why. getting equal pada position through diving into 8 parts in possible only for plots that are square in shape. 

If a plot is 80 X 80, then each pada accounts for 10 units and this math is most simple. But if you kook around rarely you will find such plot, right!

Most plots are rectangular in shape, in which one side is much larger than the other one. Say if the plot is 80 X 40 then on larger side each pada accounts for 10 units, but on shorter side each pada accounts for 5 units, which is half of it. 

This method will not work at all for the irregular shaped plot at all. So, what is the right technique for getting padas that is equal in dimension? Well, you need to subdivide the vastu angularly.  

The entire vastu, whatever its shape might be is spread over 360 degree in which we are to accommodate 32 padas. We can get the dimension through angular division.

Upon making the division, we get that each pada accounts for 11.25 degree. By doing the calculation likewise, the exact span of door pada can be calculated. This technique will produce the accurate result every single time regardless of the shape of the vastu. 

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Description- Vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals how to accurately determine the main gate padas for its overall vastu evaluation.