October 2, 2022

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The Mission of Pro Wrestling Mini-Museum

Mike Parker created an online Pro Wrestling Mini-Museum for all pro wrestling fans to promote the sport of wrestling by sustaining its history, acknowledging exceptional individual accomplishments, and serving as the next generation’s inspiration for the next generations of wrestlers and pro wrestling fans.

In the beginning, the museum creator, Mike Parker, had a conventional collection of 8 x 10s and publications. After being inspired by other wrestling museums and stores like the Allentown, Pennsylvania-based Pro Wrestling World Museum, and the Adventure Land amusement park in New Jersey, its collections grew over time. He expanded his museum’s collection to promote the rich history of pro wrestling entertainment and inspire pro wrestling enthusiasts around the world. The founder of Pro Wrestling Mini Museum stated that “I created this not only for myself but also for fans worldwide.” The museum has something for every pro wrestling, whether they’re from the era of the ’80s or today’s generation.


Vast Collection of Pro Wrestling Memorabilia to Inspire all its fans

The Pro Wrestling Mini Museum includes artifacts from every era of professional wrestling, from autographed publications to ring-worn outfits. The pictures of renowned pro wrestling superstars provide knowledge about their iconic history and achievements to the fans of a new era. Historical pro wrestling memorabilia can be found on the museum’s website too. Numerous news sources, including NBC, have covered the online museum’s story. It’s a credible source of wrestling information for its fans, and it’s been around for a long time.

Parker elaborates about his museum’s collection ” I wouldn’t forget the great ladies of the sport; they’ve got their own wing. All in all, I feel I’ve created immersive experience fans can enjoy anywhere, anytime. I take great pride in the fact that not only has this resonated not only with fans, but personalities from every major company are checking us out on social media”.

Parker created the virtual museum with a vision to inspire fans with historical artifacts of pro wrestling.  For mike, the goal was to build an inclusive community around the world-famous sports entertainment of pro wrestling by creating a virtual museum rich with memorabilia and artifacts from the sport’s rich history and to promote a culture



It is Michael Parker’s ambition that his virtual pro wrestling collection would inspire a new generation of fans and bring more individuals into the sports entertainment of pro wrestling.  There are still a lot of stories to tell, and he’s devoted his life to educating others about pro wrestling. He dreams of becoming an influential thought leader in the world of pro wrestling.