February 27, 2024

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Swimwear Trends for Men in 2022

A beach day is a fun way to spend quality time with your loved ones, and what’s better than wearing premium quality and fashionable swimwear to the beach and standing out from the crowd?

Swimwear for men is versatile. While the layers and accessories are essential to any look, bathing suits are bread and butter. Whether heading to the ocean, pool, or dinner, you can do multiple styling with the swimwear and give it a whole new look. Nowadays, fashionable swimwear is not just restricted to women. Even men’s swimwear is catching up with trends.Since the fashion industry is quickly catching up with men’s swimwear, here are some swimwear trends for 2022:


Military-inspired swimwear has been one of the most popular trends of recent times; these shorts are ideal for beach wear as they are mid-thigh level to conquer any surfer connotations. In addition, the busy pattern will add width and bulk to the legs by drawing the eye outwards. This type of swimwear can even be worn outside the pool. If you pair it up with a good t-shirt, you are ready for dinner or lunch on the poolside.


This type of swimwear for men is the most significant swimwear trend this summer season in 2022 and is here to stay. But, of course, a classic striped pair of shorts can never go wrong.

The best part about this swimwear is — horizontal stripes add a little width if you are on the slimmer side; vertical lines will elongate the body by drawing attention to the lower side. Bold stripes also work wonders if you are not beach body ready. They can easily be paired with any basic t-shirt for a perfect summer look.


Co-ordinated outfits are made of the same colour for both shots and shirts and are one of this season’s biggest resort wear trends. However, you should pick the colours that suit the skin tone, uplifting and enhancing your look. For example, to make the two different looks from one outfit, you can pair the classic shorts with plain t-shirts, which will be perfect for a day look, and pair the shirt with chinos for a quiet night look for the holidays.


The classic solid colour shots are the ones that never go out of style and are best for all seasons. Colours like lime green, bright pink, or sunshine yellow work best with dark-skinned people; if you lack vitamin D, opt for colours like green, white, burgundy, and navy blue. Avoid dark colours like black as much as possible as it doesn’t work in the sun, absorbs more heat, and makes you uncomfortable on your day out.


Floral prints have become a favourite everyday essential men’s swimwear; if you generally don’t experiment with your looks, this is a fun way to add some colours into your life and look different from the crowd without worrying about what to pair these shorts with. These types of shorts are ideal for this summer season.

To sum up, a recent surge of swimwear for men shows that men also like to adhere to fashion rules. Swimwear is essential for hot days at the pool, weekend get-togethers by the lake or outdoor workouts; it’s necessary for today’s time. So, if you find the type of swimwear that works for you and is suitable to your liking, you are ready to have a fun day at the beach!