April 24, 2024

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Subwoofers With Butyl Rubber Surround

Rubber Surround

Subwoofers are essential components for any car audio system, providing deep and dynamic bass that will energize and engage you.

Pioneer shallow-mount subwoofers offer powerful bass in a sleek package. Their angled binding post terminals make installation simple; simply mount them upright or in an upfiring configuration with provided feet to prevent sliding.

Butyl Rubber

Subwoofers with butyl rubber surround are becoming more and more common, often found in speakers that were previously made with foam.

Butyl rubber is a synthetic polymer invented in 1937 by William Sparks and Robert Thomas at the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (now Exxon). It’s composed of isobutylene with an added fraction of isoprene (0.5 to 2.5 moles%).

It has low gas and vapor permeability, is chemically inert, and resistant to a range of chemicals. It finds use in tire inner tubes, sports-ball bladders, glove-box gloves, among other applications.

Butyl rubber can also be halogenated in an aliphatic solvent to produce chlorobutyl (CIIR) and brominated butyl (BIIR). Adding the halogens increases curing rates, states of cure, reversion resistance as well as its adhesion to other unsaturated rubbers.

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum is a metal that’s widely used in various applications due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and excellent formability. Combining it with other elements create alloys which offer greater strength and durability.

When selecting an aluminum alloy, factors like tensile strength, ductility, hardness, machinability, weldability and corrosion resistance must all be taken into account. These specifications are regulated by the Aluminum Association which sets standards for aluminum alloy composition, properties and nomenclature. It is for boosting the overall sound output.

Alloys are identified by a four-digit numerical ID. The first digit designates the alloy class or series, while the second identifies its main alloying elements.

Alloys can be distinguished based on their temper, which is the outcome of heat treating and strengthening processes. Heat-treatable alloys boast high yield strengths and corrosion resistance but lack the same strength or durability as non-heat-treat grades; furthermore, they’re not as weldable either. These limitations may limit their application in certain applications.

Steel Mesh Grilles

Are you searching for a premium grille that will protect your subwoofer cones while giving it an elegant appearance, then consider stainless steel mesh grilles. Crafted from 300 series stainless steel alloy, they provide an eye-catching aesthetic while being strong enough to withstand impact damage from debris.

Speaker grilles are an essential component of the design process to protect a driver’s diaphragm, voice coil and its surrounding speaker enclosure. Furthermore, they help keep dust and debris out of these components.

Diffraction is the effect that sound waves have when deflected off an object, and it’s one of the reasons why speakers typically feature a grille. Diffraction can create interference patterns within a driver, decreasing its overall output.

The speaker grille frame, especially if it’s thick and protrudes from the driver as shown in Figure 1, can often be to blame for poor sound quality. In such cases, diffraction from the frame causes interference to the audio signal, decreasing clarity.

Mounting Options

Subwoofers with butyl rubber surround offer several mounting options to maximize sound quality. The most obvious is a custom-made bracket, while other hardware stores typically carry various mounting brackets.

Innovative mounting solutions combine the strength and convenience of traditional terminals with the low profile aesthetic of an angled binding post. This type of mount is easy to install, saving you from having to bend wires while keeping your vehicle’s interior looking spick-and-span.

The TS-A3000LB is an outstanding demonstration of this woofer’s capabilities, featuring a 12″ glass fiber and mica interlaced injection molded polypropylene (IMPP) cone inside of a shallow sealed enclosure. Its voice coil suspension system has been engineered for balanced motion of the cone while maintaining high levels of performance, response, and linearity for superior sound quality. Perhaps its most remarkable feature may be its cleverly designed curved front baffle.