July 17, 2024

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Reasons why you should check CIBIL score before applying personal loan

cibil score

cibil score

Checking the CIBIL score becomes very important before you apply for personal loans. The score will allow you to get a better view of your credit scores, ultimately telling you about the chances you will have to get loans. It will even determine the interest rates you will have to pay regarding your loan. The CIBIL score checks online process has become straightforward, and you can easily do it in a few steps.

Here are the top reasons why you must check CIBIL scores

  • Determines the eligibility- The main reason why you must check for the CIBIL is to check if you are eligible for the loan or not. Most lenders and banks will provide a minimum CIBIL score that must be fulfilled to get the loan. Try keeping a minimum value of 650 or more to get the loan approved. If you are looking for the answer to the question “what is a good CIBIL score?” Then you must remember that for loans with affordable interest rates, you will have to keep the score more than 750. 
  • Understand your creditworthiness- You can easily understand your creditworthiness using the CIBIL score. If you are looking to qualify for big unsecured loans, the CIBIL score has a lot to do. If the score lies between 350 and 549, it is considered a lousy score, which means you won’t quickly get big loans due to the possibility of defaulting on payments. If you have a score between 550 and 649, then you might be considered as a creditworthy applicant to the lenders, and this might help you to get your loan approved in no time. 
  • Avoid the negative impact of loan rejections- People don’t understand the value of rejection regarding a loan. If your application gets rejected, it will automatically have an effect on your CIBIL score. The score will get reduced once you get rejected. If you apply for a loan again, the bank will directly get complete information by accessing your CIBIL score. This has a very negative impact, and it might become tough to get the loan approved. A bad CIBIL score might make you a credit-hungry applicant, which is never a reasonable tag to have. We suggest if you have applied for a loan in the past that got rejected, then the best will be to wait a few months before you apply again. 
  • Get a good idea of the loan you can expect- Not only the possibility of getting loans but also the chances of getting a loan with wanted terms and conditions depending on the CIBIL score. It will tell you what to expect and will the provided terms and conditions favour you or not. The CIBIL score is all about providing accurate data on how well your account will be welcomed by lenders and what is the best you can get from the loan.
  • Minimum Credit Score- CIBIL is the best way to get the minimum Credit score. The minimum Credit score is a three-digit score that is generated by the CIBIL, which gives the real chances of getting a loan at efficient interest rates. 
  • Loan amount- At last, we can also confirm that the loan amount which you will get from a bank or an organization will depend a lot on how high your CIBIL score is. A low score will never help you in getting a bulky loan.

Leaving these aside, a good CIBIL score will help to get a good credit score Which eventually can be good for various reasons. Some of them can be-

  • These days there are many companies who lookout for a good credit score before they offer the job. Hence getting hired also depends on the CIBIL score indirectly.
  • If you are interested in renting furniture and other decorative in your home, then you must keep an eye on your CIBIL score. A lot of companies provide furniture to only those who have good credit scores. 
  • CIBIL score helps you to be ready beforehand to repay your loan. It will provide you with the approximate amount and interest that will be imposed on you. 


Above in the article, we have mentioned some of the best methods by which you can get your CIBIL score. Try to keep your CIBIL score high to get a good profit on loans and more.