July 17, 2024

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Pharma Export Company in India

Pharma Export

Pharma Export

India plays a crucial role in exporting valuable goods to different nations. There are numerous  items for which India is the main exporter such as petroleum products, drugs and pharmaceuticals, gems and jewelry et cetera. In these fields, India is the biggest exporter today. We are going to shed light on its Pharma Export Company in India. India outsources drugs and formulations, vaccines, herbal products, and surgical. The country has a share of approx.20% of the global supply volume and contributes to around 60% of the global vaccines. India is the world leader in supplying vaccines like DPT, BCG, and Measles. It also has the greatest number of US FDA-approved plants outside of the USA. The key unique selling proposition of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is affordable price and good quality and because of this, India is also sometimes called the “Pharmacy of the World”.

India majorly exports drug formulations & biologicals, and these contribute to about 75% of the total pharmaceuticals exports out of India. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals also stand in fifth rank in the list of high-demanding exports from India.



There are a number of preparations required by an exporter before starting a pharma export, which are stated below:

Firstly, to start a Pharma Export business you have to establish your organization with proper procedures and names and logos.

Secondly, you have to open a current account in a bank authorized to deal in foreign exchange.

Thirdly, to obtain a permanent account number (PAN), an exporter can obtain it from the Income Tax Department as its necessary document for exporting.

Fourthly, obtaining the importer-exporter code (IEC) number as per the foreign trade policy is mandatory to obtain an IEC number for export/import from India.

Then, a registration cum membership certificate is required for availing authorization to export and import benefits or concessions under FTP 2015-20.

After that, select the market to export your pharma product, select the market on the basis of size, competition, quality requirements payments, etc.

Next, find buyers through participating in trade fairs, exhibitions, b2b portals, buyers and sellers meets, creating multilingual website product information, etc.

Followed by, providing samples of your pharmaceuticals as per the demand of foreign buyers.

After, the goal of establishing export costing should be to sell the maximum quantity at a competitive price with a maximum profit margin. The pricing should include all shipping charges of goods with insurance and freight.

Follow this, after the surety about the buyer’s interest in the product, get assurance of future prospects and continuity in business.

Finally, after completion of all necessary requirements, cover your risks from ECGC Because international trade involves payment risks due to country insolvency you can cover these risks from Export Credit.



The following documents are required for shipping pharmaceuticals from India:

  1. Company PAN number
  2. Incorporation certificate
  3. Bank account statements
  4. Indian trade classification
  5. Banker certificate and other customs details
  6. IEC Number
  7. Canceled cheque
  8. Proof of ownership of business premises or rental agreement
  9. WHO-GMP certification


Casca Remedies as Best Pharma Export Company in India

If you want to export your pharmaceuticals internationally then Casca Remedies Private Limited is the best Pharma Export Company in India, They established their first manufacturing unit in 1988, have experience of more than 30 years, and have been awarded many awards and certificates. This company is a WHO-GMP-certified and most trusted and reputed brand in the Indian market.


India has shown growth in the export business for the past several years. This growth is mainly due to the main export products such as engineering goods, petroleum products, gems, jewelry, drugs and pharmaceuticals, etc Among these drugs and pharmaceuticals exports keep on flourishing and constitute around 75% of the total pharmaceuticals exports of India.