July 17, 2024

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Ip Address To Country Api – Top Uses and Implementations

Technology that enables companies to identify the precise location of each user that connects with their corporate network is known as geolocation. It includes both IP address spaces and the Global Positioning System (GPS), however, this article focuses on the latter.

Geolocation is useful for a variety of corporate needs, particularly marketing and cybersecurity, in almost every industry. What consumers can gain and expect from IP Geolocation API is covered in this article.


  1. Avoid phishing by keeping an eye on connected domain footprints

At least when it comes to cyber risks, age is irrelevant. And phishing, a method of deceiving individuals and organizations for decades, has repeatedly demonstrated that.

In fact, phishing is still one of the biggest hazards to businesses. By the conclusion of the second quarter of 2020, 146,994 phishing sites had been discovered by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). We don’t anticipate the enduring threat ceasing to exist any time soon given its many manifestations. But with the use of IP Geolocation API, phishing can be somewhat avoided, just like a number of other online crimes. Let’s take a look at the example below.

Between March and April 2020, a number of recipients from a U.S. university, a Canadian healthcare organization, and an Australian energy firm received emails with various attachments from three different accounts that were all about COVID-19 supplies. Over time, analysts noticed patterns in the attacks and concluded they were all a part of the “SilverTerrier” operation.


  1. Safeguard against carding

The majority, if not all, of e-commerce companies, still deal with carding, an ancient tactic that has the potential to cost businesses around the world more than $35 billion this year alone. Carding can also be avoided by using the IP Geolocation API, just like phishing.

Fraudsters can be identified by integrating IP Geolocation API into payment gateways to instantly compare a customer’s IP address during a transaction to that recorded in network logs.


  1. Individualize User Experience

Because they take personalization to a whole new level, the majority of today’s most well-known firms (like Amazon and Lululemon) attract as many customers as they can. They inform purchasers if the goods they want to acquire can be delivered to their locations before they go through the acquisition procedure, in addition to providing sound product suggestions by keeping track of consumer purchases. And tools like IP Geolocation API make it possible.


  1. Use geotargeting to your advantage

It’s challenging to stand out in the sea of online e-commerce stores. Consequently, converting marketing efforts into sales presents a difficult hurdle. In order to react, digital marketers are now using geotargeting to increase its conversion rates. However, geotargeting isn’t achievable without the aid of a reliable solution like IP Geolocation API or Ip Address To Country Api, which enables customers to determine the general locations of their target audiences.


  1. Climb aboard the mobile marketing train

Digital marketers consider mobile marketing to be a wise investment as experts anticipate a $31.1 billion growth in mobile location-targeted ad spending by the year 2020. However, it could be best to supplement mobile marketing solutions with information from IP Geolocation API to get the most out of the plan. This aids in localizing websites, search engine optimization (SEO), remarketing, and real-time proximity targeting.


  1. Ease Geological Redirection

Similar to geotargeting and other geolocation-based marketing strategies, geo-based redirection enables website owners to improve user experience (UX) through personalization. It primarily has to do with localizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, which can bring in extra money for website owners with each click from a visitor.

As this post demonstrates, IP Geolocation API, Ip Address To Country API, and comparable technologies are a great way to determine an individual’s approximate physical location during a transaction or conversation whether they are a website visitor, a client, a user of social media, or a mobile device. IP geolocation data may improve the cybersecurity and marketing strategies of any company, guaranteeing not only the privacy of its customers’ personal information but also their customer pleasure and user experience (UX).