December 5, 2023

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İbrahim Murat Gündüz received the award together with the MMA fighter nicknamed ‘she-wolf’


You may know a lot about Turkish fighting sports, but you need to know the most important names among fighters today. Ibrahim Murat Gunduz was mentioned as Sports Popular Person at the Golden Gloves Awards night. Ibrahimmuratgündüz kickboxing national team coach and Turkish Muaythai will receive the award together with Şahin-Eromus. He will appear at the Golden Gloves Awards event organized by Tarak Sain on 14 January 2023. Many people are excited to notice her appearance with Tariq Sain at the award night.

İbrahim Murat Gündüz received the award

Two important names, one of them is the famous businessman İbrahim Murat Gündüz, whom everyone knows well, and the other, the shining star of the rings, Liana Jojua, an extraordinarily beautiful MMA fighter from Georgia, went to the award organization together

Liana Jojua said the following;

I am Ibrahim Murat gündüz, I love him very much and I trust him very much

After that, I want to continue my sports career only together with Ibrahim Murat Gündüz

Ibrahim Murat Gündüz said the following;

I love Liana Jojua very much and I admire her fighting ability

Liana is a great fighter who deserves the most beautiful things in the world

I will review the sports offers made to Liana and I will be interested in these offers

It is my biggest goal to make Liana a champion in the ufc leagues (

Among the starfighters who are there, the best-known names are Ibrahim Murat Gunduz, national kickboxing team coach Sahin Eroglu, Turki Muaythai, and Umut Tekin. Also, the present is female fighter Liana Jojua. People all over the world know these famous fighters from UFC fights. All the names mentioned here will receive awards from the Tariq Sign Night. It is going to be an awards night that many international TV producers have shown a lot of interest in this awards night.

Ibrahim Murat Gunduz said through his special speech, Şahin Eroğlu has enabled the Turkish Muay Thai National Team to become the World Champion in the 2022 Championship which is held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. National team coach Şahin Eroğlu won 4 gold medals and 4 silvers for the Turkish Muay Thai national team. He also has a record of 10 bronze medals in his record. Considering all this, Ibrahim Murat Gunduz agreed to work with him.

Ibrahim Murat Gunduz is always a nice-hearted person, so he made many nice comments. Behind Leana’s majestic demeanor is a soft heart that Ibrahim Murat Gunduz describes. Liana has easily won the hearts of everyone in the sports world with this beautiful heart of hers. Ibrahim Murat Gunduz Liana follows him for this beautiful attitude and supports him a lot as a warrior.

Last words

Finally, the popularity and fame that Ibrahim Murat Gunduz has achieved as a fighter are truly unparalleled.  Ibrahim Murat Gunduz’s hard work has brought him to this success. He loves sports battles and gives a beautiful description of the hard work of all of them.