June 17, 2024

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How to Create a Booking Website with HereWeBook


HereWeBook is a free Create booking page with SMS reminders and pushes notifications (App). Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business.

The solution enables customers to easily discover bookable businesses near them, list and create profiles in order to accept online bookings, track staff members and appointments in real-time for booking insights, and help businesses take full advantage of online bookings.

Create a website

Booking websites can help make your business more accessible to customers while expanding customer bases. Aside from making booking simpler for them, these booking platforms also help improve SEO rankings and gain greater exposure on social media.

Building a booking website with Squarespace can be easy, or for more customized professional results you could try using WordPress or Drupal websites instead. A popular booking solution such as HereWeBook serves over 4000 businesses and professionals in 140 countries using its smart booking system to power their businesses.

The Internet can be an overwhelming place Create booking website, making it no secret that there will be multiple online booking solutions available to you. But don’t settle for the latest gimmick; rather, do your research and compare all possible alternatives before making your choice.

Add a booking button

Integrating an Online booking system button onto your website enables customers to book appointments without needing to reach out directly, streamlining the appointment-making process while drawing new customers in.

Booking links are simple URLs that launch the booking process in a new window without requiring any knowledge of HTML coding. They’re ideal for use across websites, social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram profiles, and email and SMS campaigns, among other areas of communication.

HereWeBook provides various ways for your website to add a booking button. In addition to a standard round book button, floating options allow for maximum flexibility on all pages of the site.

HereWeBook can help you build an appointment-booking website to enable clients to book appointments from any device and location, free and with advanced features to drive more business to you.

Create a profile

HereWeBook provides your business with increased online exposure that will draw more customers to its website. Additionally, the platform features automated booking reminders, electronic billing, and built-in chat features to further increase customer retention.

The system also enables you to create multiple users for each employee in your business, each of whom can log in using their unique email address and password. After creating one of these users, they’ll appear under the Users and Profiles section on the main menu sorted alphabetically by name and profile.

Here eBook’s smart booking solution is tailored to help businesses of all sizes manage their employees and appointments more efficiently in real-time. This solution allows businesses to track staff members and schedules, add clients easily, create custom promotional campaigns, integrate third-party apps seamlessly, and accept online payments instantly – an ideal solution for health and beauty businesses of any kind.

Payment options

With HereWeBook, your clients have multiple payment options to choose from when paying for services rendered by you. They can pay online immediately when booking their appointment online, or request a deposit and settle the remaining balance before their in-person appointment.

HereWeBook is an all-in-one business software solution, providing businesses and freelancers with everything they need to run their operations online efficiently – including receiving bookings online, scheduling employees/customers accordingly, and collecting payments.


HereWeBook provides SMS reminders so customers don’t forget their bookings, as well as a mobile app for Android users. This platform offers an easy, feature-rich, and affordable tool to businesses that seek to expand their customer base; making it ideal for photographers, movers, beauty experts, and cleaning services looking to expand their customer bases. With HereWeBook you can quickly set up an online bookings system on any website or social media pages to take bookings instantly while online traffic engages more with them immediately – encouraging more bookings instantly while increasing customer engagement online!