May 29, 2024

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How to achieve the glassy skin makeup look ?

What is Glass skin ?

Korean beauty glass skin trend is all over the place and the hype is all worth it. I mean who doesn’t like clear, healthy-looking skin? Glass skin is a term for extremely smooth, lustrous skin. It’s meant to evoke the idea of crystal clear-looking skin. Though glass skin can’t be just achieved in a few days. There’s a specific skincare routine that you have to follow to get the desired look.

How to achieve the Glass skin makeup look?
The key to get a juicy-looking makeup combo always starts with good skincare. Just remember that skin texture is completely normal, everyone has textures, pores. With the right use of correct products, one can definitely make it better &achieve it. At all times you’ve to make sure your skin is squeaky clean. So further ado let’s get you through how to prep your skin for the ultimate glistening makeup look.

Step 1 – Start with a clean

To achieve the plumpy, soft skin start with a gentle cleanser ( Youth preserve Vitamin C face wash. ), Exfoliate with a gentle face scrub ( 3in1 Fairness Instant Facial ), Spray a hydration toner for that extra hydration ( Rosewater toner ) , layer a lightweight moisturizer ( Advanced Activs Crystal Clear Skin Tone Perfecting Gel Crème. ), always wear a sunscreen to protect your skin ( Invisible Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ )

Step 2 – Prep your base.

One product can literally make it or break it for you and the Insta Glow Pre-makeup serum is definitely gonna make it for you !! Yes, we are going all out on hydration! Hydration = Glass Skin. This product brings your dry dead skin back to life. I’m sure you’ve heard about 24K gold, the serum has real 24k gold particles in it which gives the skin an instant luminous glow. Hyaluronic acid makes sure that your skin is extremely nourished to avoid any post-application patchiness. You don’t have to go crazy with a lot of product to get that extra juicy skin, just take a few drops of the serum and apply all over your face and let it settle into your skin & watch the magic happen.

Step 3 – Minimal is beautiful.

K-Beauty’s glass skin gives going on light with makeup vibes and we obey. Opt for a foundation that is lightweight and luminous in the finish. If you have a foundation that is full coverage and matte you can make it feathery lightweight by? Yes,you guessed it right. The makeup rescue! LITERALLY! We didn’t lie when we said it’s a multipurpose product! Just add a few drops of the Insta Glow pre-makeup serum to your foundation and you’re good to ace your base. Use a brightening concealer on the high points of your face, under your eyes & on your blemishes, now that we are going light makeup don’t worry about your blemishes showing up, it’s beautiful either way. You can completely skip mattifying your face but for my oily skin babies out there you can go ahead and set wherever needed very slightly.

Step 4 – Cream for the win.
Anything that is mattifying we are going to stay away from that, just like we do from toxins& toxic people ( Mattifying products are not toxic, but for this look, it’s not appropriate.) Wanna know another way to use the serum? Add it on the highpoints of your face and top it off with Get-set-glow highlighter and there you are a glowing goddess or even a god! 😉 Add some flush of color with the lip & cheek tints, use the same tint on your eyes and tint  and there you are with all fresh squeaky, luscious-looking skin!