February 27, 2024

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Fixed: TP Link Extender Keeps Going Offline?

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Worried about the slow internet connection you are getting on your TP Link WiFi extender? Worry no more! We understand the situation you are going through. Slow internet is one of the major reasons behind “TP Link extender keeps going offline” issue. And, this issue (if not resolved) can give you problems while accessing http://tplinkrepeatersetup.com. But, this issue can be fixed. Yes, you read it right! To help you fix the issue, we have come up with this post. Here, we will provide you with various fixes through which you can say goodbye to the bothering issue in a jiffy.

Reasons: Extender Keeps Going Offline

Further in this post, we will provide you fixes for “TP Link extender keeps going offline” issue. But, before that, we want to make you familiar with some common reasons causing it.

  • The wired connection between your TP Link extender and router is faulty or improper
  • Bad placement of your TP Link device
  • WiFi signals of your TP Link extender are getting interrupted
  • Distance between your router and TP Link extender is too much
  • The Ethernet cable you have used for connecting your devices is too damaged
  • Firmware of your TP Link WiFi range extender is outdated
  • TP Link extender is partially configured

Fixes: Extender Keeps Going Offline

Fix 1: Power Cycle TP Link Extender

The first fix that you can try to fix “TP Link extender keeps going offline” issue is to power cycle or reboot your extender once. The reason is minor technical glitches in the extender may also prevent it from working properly. Don’t know how to reboot or power cycle TP Link extender. Well, scroll down a little to get the instructions:

  • Power off your TP Link WiFi extender
  • Wait for a short while
  • Turn the extender back on

Now, try to access the http://tplinkrepeatersetup.com web page to see if you are still getting “TP Link extender keeps going offline” issue.

Fix 2: Swap the Cable

Damage or cuts on the cable may also result in “TP Link extender keeps going offline” issue. The reason is making use of a damaged Ethernet cable will create issues while creating a connection between your host router and TP Link extender. And, if your devices aren’t connected properly, the TP Link device will surely have an issue while being online. So, a secure and stable Ethernet connection is very important.

Fix 3: Relocate the TP Link Extender

To make the most of your TP Link extender, we suggest you keep it in open, at the center-most area in your home, and within range of your router. Apart from this, it is also recommended to keep your TP Link device away from kitchen appliances, Alexa/WiFi devices, Bluetooth speakers, windows, doors, etc. Doing so will also help you prevent WiFi signal interference due to which you are getting “TP Link extender keeps going offline” issue.

Fix 4: Update TP Link Firmware

Bear in mind – regular firmware updates play a very important role when it comes to getting the great performance out of TP Link extender. So, to keep “TP Link extender keeps going offline” issue at bay, update the firmware of your device by applying the instructions provided on TP Link app.

Fix 5: Set Up the Extender Properly

“TP Link extender keeps going offline” issue can be fixed by setting it up in a proper way. So, if you haven’t configured your device properly, do it right away. Simply access TP Link extender setup page using the default IP of your device and follow the instructions to make things happen.

The Final Words

Anticipating that this article will help you get rid of the issue. Let us hope for the best for you!