July 17, 2024

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Execute The Wavlink WiFi Router Login And Setup Process 

First, you will need to do the login process before starting the Wavlink WiFi router setup process. There are two ways to do the Wavlink router setup process- via a web browser or by the WiFi application. Now, let’s jump to this post to learn more information about the Wavlink router setup. 

Wavlink Router Login Pre-requirements 

You can easily find the Wavlink router login details such as the username and security password, on the manual booklet of the Wavlink router. You will receive the manual booklet in the router packaged box. Make sure you must have an updated web browser on your computer, laptop, PC, etc. 

Find The Default Web Or IP Address Of The Wavlink Router 

To visit the Wavlink router web-based management page, first, you must know about the Wavlink router’s default web or IP address. Here is the default IP address of the existing router wifi.wavlink.com and the IP address is So, we recommend you write down these login details and then start up the login process. 

Access Wavlink Router Web Management Page 

There are two ways to do the login process. 

Method 1: 

  • First, place the Wavlink router power plug into the power socket.
  • After that, take the WiFi gadget and connect it to the Wavlink router network. 
  • Now, open the web browser and enter wifi.wavlink.com setup in the URL bar. 
  • Next, fill in all the login details shown on the page. Details such as username and password. 
  • Then, tap on the login button to visit the Wavlink router web management page. 

Method 2: 

  • Initially, open the Google Play Store on your Android mobile phone. 
  • After that, look for the Wavlink app and download it. 
  • Next, download and open the Wavlink application. 
  • Now, insert all the login details shown on the app page. 
  • In the end, tap on the login button to complete the Wavlink router login process. 

Execute Wavlink Router Installation Process

  • First, power on your modem device. 
  • Now, connect the Wavlink router WAN port to the modem LAN port with the help of an ethernet cable. 
  • After that, open the web browser and enter wifi.wavlink.com in the URL bar. 
  • Next, fill in the security password that you create. If you do not create the password then the original login password is admin. 
  • Then, pick up the WiFi connection type: in the WAN type pick the DHCP or dynamic IP. 
  • Please complete the installation of wireless settings. It recommends renaming the SSID and picking the security type. Enter the security password and click on the apply button. 
  • Further to do the installation, please visit the device’s WLAN settings and connect again to the WiFi. 

Note: If you fail to connect your Wavlink router device with a modem then try the below solution tips. 

Troubleshoot Wavlink Router Troubles

Verify Network Connection

Before you begin the Wavlink router solution tips, first it is important to check the internet connection. In case the internet is down, then there is no means to troubleshoot the router. Try to access the internet from another device to check the trouble with the Wavlink router device or ISP.

Look Wavlink Router LED Status

Several routers have LEDs, which determine the current status of your device. If you see any of the LEDs of your Wavlink router device not blink, then it could indicate a problem with your router.  To now, the means of the router LEDs read the manual booklet which comes with your Wavlink router device. 

Power cycle Wavlink Router 

  • First, you will need to turn off your Wavlink router device. 
  • After that, unplug the power cable and wait for 30 seconds. 
  • Next, plug it back in the power cable and turn on your router. 

By doing this, your Wavlink router device issue is resolved. If not then try other solution tips. 

Improve Wavlink Router Software 

  • To upgrade or improve the Wavlink router firmware, visit the Wavlink router web management page. 
  • Now, look for an administration option and then tap on the software upgrade option. 
  • In the end, download the latest software file on your laptop or your computer. 

Reset Wavlink Router 

If none of the above solution tips does not help to fix the issue, then try this last method. 

First, look at the back side of the Wavlink router device. There, you can see the reset hole button. Push that reset button with the help of a paper clip. After doing this all the Wavlink router device LEDs will turn off. As it means, that your Wavlink router device is now completely reset. 

Note: After the reset, you will need to do the Wavlink router setup process again. 

After reading this page, you will be able to do the login and setup process. As well as with the help of the above solution tips you can also resolve the Wavlink router issue.