June 16, 2024

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Enhance Your SMB Protection, Don’t Ignore Cybersecurity

Big enterprises and companies are often responsible for safeguarding customer data and privacy. Companies such as Facebook collect a large amount of private and sensitive data that include client purchase info, payment method, card details, and more. In these modern items, protecting online data and information is paramount. In the cyber world, businesses need to look into their data protection options to avoid SMB-related security threats.

Why SMBs should take data protection seriously?

SMB or small and medium-sized businesses may not have the financial strength or budget to implement advanced and high-level security solutions. Negligent protection can make them an easy target of hackers and cybercriminals. The latest small business cyber attacks statistics in the USA suggest that almost 50% of American businesses had cyber security issues and were attacked by various hackers. Small and medium businesses cannot bear the consequence of dealing with such attacks. To survive in this digital age, where cyberattacks are becoming more and more common, every company needs to take the right action. This can be achieved by investing in a reliable cybersecurity service in Mansfield.

Examples of Cybercrimes

  • Email fraud or hacking into your email to steal sensitive data
  • Identification theft and fraud wherein an individual’s personal info gets stolen and used
  • Theft of personal debit card, EMI card, or credit card data
  • Theft of corporate or business data
  • Illegal sale of corporate data
  • Cyber extortion racket, which means demanding payment to stop a deliberate attack
  • Cyber ransomware attack

Three main SMB mistakes that contribute to cyberattacks are as follows:

  • Responding Late – Many businesses do the mistake of simply ignoring to acknowledge cyber threats. Cyber security experts always state that the first rule is to be ready and prepare for the worst. You must assume that even your company can be targeted by hackers and you may incur enormous costs.


  • Lack of Training – Not training the staff and employees can be a weak point in terms of security. If the team ever worked on any unsecured public internet network, they could fall victims to a hacker attack. For ensuring that all sensitive and confidential corporate data are protected, it is vital to provide quality security advice and training to every employee.


  • Old or Out-of-date Software – Your annual budget should ideally include upgrading software and hardware and getting the latest virus checkers and systems. This must be carried out for security reasons. Old systems may be vulnerable and considered primary targets by nefarious cybercriminals.

The term cybersecurity may be an exhaustive term and you have to evolve and adapt to the latest security enhancements as well as know about the current security loopholes. Make sure you look for cybersecurity services in Mansfield in the right places. To create a good cybersecurity culture within your organization, you can bring in external IT cyber security trainers to consult with your staff members. You can also partner with a third-party security team at Cloudilax Solutions to create tailored security programs. This can help improve your security walls and gain long-lasting SMB protection.