December 4, 2023

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Dry fire – forgotten firearms training technique


Yes, in my onion dry firing training is the most important lessons to be taught before shooting live ammunition. Dry firing will teach you how to hold the gun, holster it, breathing technique, how to pass the gun over to a person safely and how to check and repair a gun. Dry firing teaches every fundamental of owning a gun and how to handle every part it. In my onions every gun owner and the future gun owners should go through training and even to renew their license they should go through training every time. It should be implemented too now to get your license. This will affect a lot of gun owners because most gun owners don’t know the basics of even handling a weapon. Some simple things like how to hold the weapon down or to always check the chamber when you’re handed a gun to see if it is loaded. Just simple basics like that will help keep people alive from accidental miss fires like a rochet or a pulling of the trigger.  This type of training will also help improve on aim and control the weapon with shooting live ammunition and causing a probable outcome of hurting someone or even killing someone. Dry firing can be controlled and done even within your own household with a professorial at hand to help aid you with anything needed to be helped on or use a home shooting simulator. Once you have aligned your sights with dry firing at home or somewhere in a controlled environment you’re able to take your weapon to a firing range and see ho you do. AGA or American Gun Association has stated that there are two types of people in this country the people who buy guns for self-defense and never take it to the range and the people who buy a gun and take in immediately to a range and start shooting it, both of those people are wrong. People should get to know their gun and get intimate with it, do your research and check the alignments the sights the type of ammo and to get a good feeling of it. Once comfortable with it and you know what you are doing or understand doing with it, you then take it to the range and shoot it and also not all guns can be dry fired, most colt actions can not be dry fired because of a single use pin in the trigger and the more you dry fire the weapon the more the whole the pin is in gets bigger and the lighter, the trigger will be causing more of an accidental discharge and hurting you or someone else. Most guns nowadays are able to be dry fired, but it still puts damage to the trigger of the gun and stress on it making it easier to be destroyed in the process of using live ammunitions. But I hope that one day training for gun do become more of a thing to get your licenses instead of taking a test and waiting.