May 29, 2024

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Personal Protective Equipment for Safety in Construction

Construction Companies in Sharjah

Construction Companies in Sharjah

It is critical to strictly implement an optimal action protocol for your safety if you make good use of and maintain these elements that are so fundamental to your safety. It results in the better and easier construction and also helps in maintaining quality standards and we offer complying with these standards as best Construction Companies in Sharjah.

Total Welder Screen

Integral face shield: This type of screen completely covers the professional’s face, eyes, neck, and throat. It can attach to a protective helmet or go directly on the head through a harness.

Respiratory Protection

We now turn to respiratory protection. It is of the utmost importance to protect yourself against any type of particle, or product that can damage the respiratory tract.

In this case, the protective equipment causes a blockage of the passage of contaminants to the respiratory system.

Some of these pollutants are: dust, mist (particularly suspended liquids), aerosols, gases, or vapors.

To avoid inhaling these elements, we will use masks and devices with much more advanced filters.

And how could it be otherwise, not all masks are the same, nor are all filters used for the same.

Ffp2 Mask for Construction

Besides, there are also face masks and even helmets.

We can find from the most basic elements to the most sophisticated depending on the degree of protection we need.

Here are some of the most widely used respiratory protection equipment for construction:


Fp1 Mask: indicated to filter high levels of dust concentration that occur when handling stone, cutting ceramics, etc.

Fp2 Mask: these filtering masks can be with or without a valve. They serve to filter and prevent dust and other non-volatile solid and liquid particles from entering the lungs.

Widely used for work with cement, sanding wood, plaster, plastics, or metal cutting.

FFP3 Mask: they are ideal for jobs where the level of particles is very high, such as sanding hardwoods, copper or arsenic-based wood treatment and impact paint stripping.

It is also very useful in sanding cement.


Protection Semi-Mask: these cover devices are more complete than masks, since they cover the nose, mouth, and chin in a watertight manner.

Although they are not usual in the positions of construction workers, that is, masons, etc. they quite used by other professionals who work mainly with chemicals, such as painters.

They have 1 or more valves with different filters that will exchange depending to perform on the need of the work.

Full Masks: full masks fully cover the entire face and are much less common. We use them when it is necessary to protect not only the respiratory system, but also the eyes, especially from vapors and gases.

Hearing Protection

Construction Companies in Sharjah
Construction Companies in Sharjah

Hearing protection equipment allows professionals to attenuate sounds and noises that can be harmful in the course of their work.

A fairly simple example is the noise that occurs with electric or demolition hammers.

Not properly protecting your ears can cause various problems such as: tinnitus, hearing loss or hearing loss, among many other inconveniences.

Therefore, it is crucial to minimize the impact of harmful noise with equipment approved and prepared for it.

In this case, its use is mandatory at the moment in which 85 decibels of continuous noise and exceeds 137 dB in discontinuous noise.

To protect ourselves against noise, we find earmuffs or helmets and, in some cases, can use earplugs.

Earplugs: there are special earplugs with anti-noise cancellation that work quite well for specific moments.

Helmets Hearing Protection Construction

Construction Companies in Sharjah
Construction Companies in Sharjah

Earmuffs: Without a doubt, earmuffs are the most widely used hearing protection device in construction. They consist of a headband with two noise-canceling pads that fully cover the ears.

can attach them to a helmet or worn without.

There are different types of earmuffs depending on the noise that we have to endure on a regular basis.

Clothing Protection

Protection in clothing becomes another important point.

Within the world of construction, you must wear suitable, resistant clothing that also has high visibility.

Therefore, reflective garments and bright colors (outside) such as will use yellow or fluorescent orange.

Construction Safety Clothing

On the other hand, the fabric is also fundamental. Products that are 100% cotton, wool, or anything that should avoid that can be easily torn.

With the use of overalls and clothing knitted with nylon, polyester, and a small portion of cotton.

Therefore, some of the most used clothing is:

High visibility vests: mandatory and therefore very widespread. Always necessary in all exterior work. They can replace by other high visibility garments such as jackets if the weather conditions so require.

High Visibility Vests in Construction

Multi-Pocket Pants: another very common garment, comfortable and protective, is that of pocket pants with fabric that is resistant to cuts, scratches, etc.

Work Overalls: work overalls or characterize divers by their reinforced seams, resistant fabrics, and total comfort.

Although it may seem that protective clothing is not that important (apart from high visibility vests), it undoubtedly plays a great role in preventing possible cuts or injuries due to the strong material of its fibers that can prevent more than one mishap.

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