June 17, 2024

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A Detailed Guide to Fix Orbi Satellite Not Connecting Issue

Netgear Orbi satellite comes with amazing features and outstanding performance. The Orbi WiFi system provides its users a high-speed internet to access in every inch, every corner of your house. Despite of its (Orbi satellite) outstanding performance, Netgear Orbi satellite is also prone to major technical glitches. And, one of the major issues reported by every third user across the globe is that they are continuously seeing “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue.

Are you also annoyed by the same issue? If yes, really you are lucky as you have stumbled upon the right post. Over here, we have provided the topmost hacks through which you can easily resolve “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue in minutes. Let’s start over!

Fixed: Orbi Satellite Not Connecting Issue

You Have to Lessen the Distance

If the distance between your Orbi satellite is too much, then also it will let you experience “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue. For fixing it, just redl;k.uce the distance between your Orbi satellite. Ensure to place them in close proximity and connect them via Ethernet cable.

The Power Is Interrupted

Yes, you read it right! Power-related issues could also be one of the biggest reasons behind getting “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue. To deal with the issue and to make the most out of your Orbi satellite, make sure that your Orbi satellite are properly plugged in and getting interruption-free power supply. Apart from this, we also suggest you have a look nudge at the wall sockets in which your Orbi satellite are plugged in. They must be well working and damaged-free.

You Haven’t Configured them Properly

There are chances that initial Orbi satellite setup is causing “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue. No worries! Just ensure to configure your Orbi satellite in a proper manner via Orbi app.

If you don’t want to use the Orbi app to configure your Orbi satellite, use the manual method for the configuration process.

The Firmware is Outdated

If the firmware of your Orbi satellite is outdated, then also it can be one of the biggest yet major causes behind getting “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue. Thus, to deal with the issue, just update the firmware of your Orbi satellite right away. Keep in mind, while updating Orbi’s satellite firmware, ensure to keep the model number in mind. The reason is, Orbi satellite firmware update instructions vary upon model to model.

One more thing we would like to recommend, do not ever commit the mistake of interrupting the Orbi satellite firmware update process. If you do so, you will ruin the internet experience and advantages you are going to get from your Orbi satellite from your own hands.

Still the Same?

None of the troubleshooting tips bring you luck? No worries! The article is still left. All you have to do is to apply the rest troubleshooting hacks to get rid of “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue.

Power Cycle the Devices

If “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue continues to trouble you, then chances are your devices (Orbi and satellite) are overheated. Fret not! The power cycling process can be of great help to you. Thus, to power cycle your Orbi satellite, simply disconnect them, then wait for a few minutes. Thereafter, plug your Orbi satellite back in, reconnect them via Ethernet source and see if “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue is resolved.

If you don’t want to connect your Orbi satellite using an Ethernet cable, then you can connect them wirelessly. Want to know how to connect Orbi satellite wirelessly? Did you no in yes? Have a quick nudge below.

  • Plug in your Orbi satellite to a working wall socket.

  • Press the sync button on your Orbi.

  • Wait for a couple of seconds.

  • Press the sync button on your satellite.

Thus, in this simple way, you can connect your Orbi and satellite in a hassle-free way. To verify the same, access Orbi login page.

Is the “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue fixed? If not, then resetting can save you from getting the same issue all over again and again.

How to Reset Your Orbi Satellite?

  • Keep your Orbi satellite plugged in. But, consider disconnecting them for the time being.

  • Press and hold the reset hole on your Orbi satellite.

  • Now, release it.

That’s it! In this manner, you can reset your Orbi satellite. Now, reconfigure it via Orbi app and reconnect them using the sync button.

The Last Words

That was all about our post about how you can fix “Orbi satellite not connecting” issue. We hope that you are not struggling with the same issue. If so, then give the above-mentioned fixes a shot.