June 17, 2024

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A Comprehensive List of Champions Trophy Winners


If you’re like most cricket fans, you’re probably wondering who won the tournament in previous years. Well, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll take a look at a comprehensive list of Champions Trophy winners dating back to 1998 and also at the latest Champion Trophy news.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the champions of the ICC Champions Trophy!

Introduction: What Is the Champions Trophy?

The Champions Trophy is an international cricket tournament that’s been held every two years since 1998. It’s considered to be one of the most prestigious cricket tournaments in the world, and teams from all over compete for the title.

The format of the tournament is a little different than other cricket tournaments. There are two groups of four teams, and the top two teams from each group move on to the semi-finals. The final is a best-of-three-match series.

So far, only five countries have won the Champions Trophy—Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and West Indies.

What Happened in the Most Recent Champions Trophy?

So, let’s take a look at what happened in the most recent Champions Trophy. The tournament was played in England and Wales in June of this year.

Pakistan won the tournament, beating arch-rivals India in the final. It was a close match, with Pakistan winning by just three runs. This was Pakistan’s first Champions Trophy win ever, and it was India’s second consecutive defeat in the final of the tournament.

South Africa as an Inaugural Champion

You may not know this, but South Africa was the inaugural champion of the Champions Trophy.

It was back in 1998 that they won the very first edition of the tournament. They beat West Indies in the final, and it was a pretty emphatic victory, with South Africa winning by nine wickets.

Interestingly, they haven’t been as successful in more recent years. They haven’t even made it to the final since then. But that doesn’t take away from their achievement as the first-ever winners of the Champions Trophy.

New Zealand Beats India (2000)

The very first Champions Trophy was won by New Zealand, who beat India in the final. It was a pretty close game, but the Kiwis managed to pull off a thrilling victory with just three balls to spare.

There were a few standout players for New Zealand during that tournament. Chris Cairns was the captain and he led from the front with some big performances with the bat. And Shane Bond was always a threat with the ball, regularly taking wickets in the middle overs.

But it was captain Stephen Fleming who held things together for New Zealand. He top-scored in the final with an unbeaten half-century, and his composure under pressure was crucial in helping his team win the trophy.

Sri Lanka beats India (2002)

So, it was no surprise when India and Sri Lanka both lifted the trophy in 2002. The two teams had been battling it out all tournament, and it all came down to the final game.

It was a close match, but Sri Lanka eventually won by just two runs. India was heartbroken, but they had a lot to be proud of too—they’d made it to the final stage of the competition for the first time.

England loses against West Indies in (2004)

You might not know this, but England lost against West Indies in the 2004 Champions Trophy. It was a pretty big upset, and it’s something you should remember if you’re planning on betting on the tournament this year.

West Indies is a pretty strong team, so England is going to have to play well if they want to win. But I have a feeling they’re going to pull through—after all, they are the current champions.

Australia wins two consecutive champions trophy (2006 & 2009)

You may not know this, but Australia has won the Champions Trophy twice in a row. In 2006 and 2009, they were able to take the cup home. This is an amazing accomplishment and speaks to the strength of their cricket team. Since the Champions Trophy is only held every two years, Australia has had some time to rest on its laurels.

The Champions Trophy is always a highly anticipated event, with fans eager to see which team will come out on top. This year, there is extra excitement because it is being held in England, the home of cricket. Make sure to tune in and catch all the action!

India lifts the Champion Trophy in 2013

So, who lifted the Champion Trophy in 2013? If you guessed India, you’re right!

India had a great tournament, beating Sri Lanka in the final. It was a close game, but India pulled through in the end. This was India’s second Champions Trophy win—they’d won it back in 2013. Now that you know who won in 2013, you might be wondering who won the tournament overall.

It was a great victory for the team, and they were celebrating after the game!

Pakistan gets their first Champion Trophy title in 2017

You may not know this, but Pakistan just became the champions of the Champions Trophy. This is a huge accomplishment for the team, and they should be proud of their victory.

This was Pakistan’s first Champion Trophy title, and they fought hard to win it. They beat India in the final match, which was an intense battle. India had been undefeated until that point, so Pakistan’s victory was especially sweet.


The Champions Trophy is a coveted title in the world of cricket, and only the best teams have been able to take home the trophy. India, Pakistan, and England are the most successful teams in the history of the tournament, with each team winning it two times.

Now that you know a little bit more about the Champions Trophy, do you think you could make a list of potential winners for the next tournament?