April 24, 2024

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8 Laser Hair Removal Myths That Are Busted Effectively

It’s no surprise that Laser Hair removal is a popular procedure nowadays. It does not require much time; people in their homes can do it. There have always been so many myths concerning this treatment, especially recently, but luckily they have been busted with some helpful information on which to rely when considering this procedure. Laser hair removal has so many pros that it’d be a shame not to take advantage of it.

  1. Can Damage Your Internal Organs:

This one is hard to believe, especially for people who were used to going under the knife for superficial treatments. But, once again, it’s probably just a myth that has been going around in the medical community. Some people think that every time they get touched anywhere on their body by an instrument, scratching or any other type of pain will be present in their body. During the treatment, the laser (depending on what it is) penetrates through the epidermis. There is no evidence of damaged skin after treatment unless you’ve got some sores or wounds at your visit.

  1. Can’t Be Done On Women:

Some people think that laser hair removal cannot be done on women. This myth is just another of the many spread by people who do not know what they’re talking about. You can visit Laser Skin Care Center NY for quality services. In reality, women’s bodies can tolerate the procedure much better than men’s because their skin is usually softer and more pliable than men’s. In addition, it has been proven time and time again that there are no signs of any adverse effects after treatment for either gender.

  1. Only Works On Face:

It is just not true because the main focus areas for laser hair removal are on the face, back, and chest. Most people think the procedure works best on removing hair from the face and not very well on a male’s back, where the hair tends to be thicker and coarser. It is simply not true because the lasers target melanin, no matter how much of an area it is in. The melanin encased in any given follicle will absorb the light delivered by the laser and damage it. The procedure can be done all over the body so long as it’s safe and you’re willing to withstand some irritation afterward.

  1. Too Expensive:

It is one of the biggest myths out there, spreading from user to user, leaving a negative first impression about it. The truth about laser hair removal is that it isn’t too expensive; it’s cost-effective because it’s easier on your skin and less risky than getting a more invasive treatment such as bleaching your hair or getting a tattoo that you might later regret. In addition, laser hair removal can last anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on where you’ve had your treatment done. It can be cheaper than waxing, shaving, and tweezing in the long run because these methods cost more per session than most laser hair removals.

  1. Only Works On Dark Hair:

There is a lot of misinformation regarding this topic because people need to learn what they’re talking about. Most people need to realize that the laser works on all hair types. People in eye surgery initially used it, but it has since been adopted into skin surgery. It has also been found to work well on beards, mustaches, and even eyebrows. The procedure itself will not cause any side effects, including darkening of the hair after treatment.

  1. Lasers Can Cause Skin Cancer:

Many studies have been done in the medical community to determine if the procedure causes skin cancer. Some people even did a study to determine whether male patients who shave their legs have any increased risk of getting skin cancer. However, the results of this study came back negative because shaved hair is not present, and laser hair removal does not pose any immediate risk factors for skin cancer.

  1. Single Laser Session Is Enough:

One thing that has been happening is people who think one session is enough to get rid of all the hair on your body. However, as mentioned, there are different lasers used by professionals like Laser Skin Care Center NY for different areas of the body, which means that you may need multiple treatments depending on how much hair you want to be removed. The number of sessions needed can range from six months to a full year.

  1. The Procedure Is Not Permanent:

This myth has been going around for a while now and is undoubtedly worth busting because it is one reason not to get it done. Laser Hair Removal is permanent; however, it is only effective until the hair follicle is destroyed. A potential side effect of laser hair removal is that some people may be allergic to it. If you have any skin reaction to lasers, you should immediately inform your doctor of a treatment plan that will not cause any damage to your skin.


Laser hair removal has been around for a while now, and myth-busting such as this will help people understand the actual procedure and whether or not they should consider getting it done. Unfortunately, some of the myths stated above have also been going around in the medical community, which is why it’d be a good idea to weigh your options before deciding to get this procedure because time is precious. There are plenty of other things you could be using it for.