October 2, 2022

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6 Tips and Perks of CBD Pre-Roll Packaging

Custom pre-roll boxes are an excellent solution for your brand growth. Pre-rolls are very much in demand. The time has long gone when people take the marijuana flowers and crush them to fill in the paper rolls. To protect the consumers from this hectic job, brands are now offering ready-made pre-rolls. But to deliver the brand image effectively, they need custom pre-roll boxes.

In the current era, people pay particular attention to product presentation when they are looking for a certain product. Like any other brand, pre-roll brands also put effort to stand out in the marketing. For this purpose, they use custom boxes to protect their pre-rolls and to compete with their market rivals. Let’s discuss how custom boxes are beneficial and how you could make them highly effective.

Tips For Excellent Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Choose A Robust Material

A good material produces sturdy packaging. When it comes to your brand image, you cannot settle for less. Therefore, choose a packaging material for custom packaging that will protect your pre-rolls from damage. The material of cardboard boxes is highly useful in this regard. It is cost-effective, lightweight, durable, strong, eco-friendly, and easily customizable. It cannot only protect your product from breakage but also environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Besides, corrugated cardboard boxes are considered the best shipping partners.

Construct A Unique Design

You must create an alluring design for your pre-rolls. For this purpose, you have to take care of several factors. You must manufacture remarkable style boxes that would go best with your pre-roll items. Different styles of boxes can be used in this regard such as tuck-end boxes, hinged lid boxes, sleeve boxes, and display boxes. You must communicate important information and make your packaging solution an excellent salesman. You must create a tempting layout and choose unique colors to lure the potential audience.

Communicate Your Brand Identity

To make full use of your customized boxes, you must include your brand identity in them. Print your company’s logo design along with your name on the packaging boxes so that people will know you as a separate entity. You must make these features highly visible and attractive. To mount these details on the packaging boxes, you may use different printing features such as flat printing which is inexpensive too. Besides, you may also go for high-end features that include foil stamping, embossing, and debossing.

Use Different Add-Ons

You may go overboard in giving your product the look it deserves. Using some extra features will help you to interact with the audience more effectively. For this purpose, you may get inexpensive as well as high-end luxurious options. You may include inserts in the boxes to place your pre-rolls more effectively. The inserts will also create a professional look. You may also use different coatings to smoothen the packaging texture such as spot UV, aqueous coating and metallic coating, etc. These coatings also help you to secure the packaging surface such as spot UV prevents harmful ultraviolet rays to affect the packaging surface.

Benefits Of Custom CBD Pre-Roll Boxes


Cardboard or other paperboard materials are considered the best packaging options when it comes to saving huge money. You can easily get these materials in the relevant market. Not only this, these materials are available at the best prices that would not break your bank. Whether you are a small brand or a large one, you can surely have access to these boxes along with certain features. Besides, the weight of these materials is very light due to which the shipping costs are also reduced. In this way, you do not have to have a huge budget to bear the expenses of custom cardboard boxes.

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Easily Customizable

Custom packaging helps you to get the best solution as you can get it full of your choice. As cardboard or paperboard materials are used for custom pre-roll packaging, you can choose different features in its construction.

  • You can choose different designs and create a customized template for the outer layout.
  • The size of the box is an important thing. Custom packaging allows you to manufacture the most relevant size of the box considering your product size.
  • Various printing techniques are offered to you in this regard. You can choose from litho-printing, flexo-printing, silkscreen printing, and digital printing.
  • You can add different details to inform the customer about your product.
  • You may use different add-ons such as die-cut, varnishes, and inserts to improve the packaging solutions.

Excellent Marketing Solution

A huge number of brands are out there that are selling similar products. Similarly, pre-roll vendors are also in great numbers. To crush your competition, custom boxes come over for your help. With the imprinted brand identity, you can influence the audience in many ways.

By using custom boxes, you can build a professional image for your brand and influence the customer’s behavior by showing your brand authenticity. People will like to buy from you when trust is built.


Custom boxes that are made of cardboard or paperboard materials are biogenic. They are made of fibers that are extracted from trees such as pine. Wood pulp, agricultural wastes, and grass are the major building blocks of cardboard material. This is why these boxes of cbd are highly recyclable. You can recycle them multiple times. Besides, they are easily biodegradable and do not pollute the environment. The ecological factor of these boxes helps you create a sincere impression among potential customers.


CBD pre-roll packaging is an excellent solution for your brand. If constructed of effective material, it will secure your product with full efficiency. You can get these boxes evenly customized as packaging companies offer various features at every step of packaging. You must print your brand features on these boxes so that your brand awareness can be improved. Therefore, custom packaging is the best branding tool that helps you to prosper your brand.